Tuesday, June 18, 2019
Tuesday, April 16, 2019  -  4:13:57 PM
Al-Nujaba’s Relief Convoy Reached Karun and Kut Abdollah (Photos) The fighters of al-Nujaba, on the second day of its serving the Iranian flood-stricken people in Khuzestan, distributed foodstuffs in Karun and Kut Abdollah.
Lebanon arrests Daesh-linked suspect over bomb attack plots The Internal Security Forces (ISF) said in a statement on Monday that they had “tracked down and identified a man in southern Lebanon who actively publishes ISIL propaganda on social media networks and recruits new members” for the terrorist group.
2019/6/17 - 22:50
Thailand among top tourism destinations in booming halal market According to the Bangkok Post, the annual survey by Crescent Rating and Mastercard, the Global Muslim Travel Index (GMTI) ۲۰۱۹, indicated that Thailand received ۵۷ points, while Singapore took home the most points with ۶۵.
2019/6/17 - 17:24
Israel will attend US-sponsored Bahrain conference A source told Reuters on Sunday that Israel would dispatch a business delegation, but no government officials to the Bahrain economic workshop scheduled for June ۲۵-۲۶, which has been boycotted by the Palestinian leaders.
2019/6/17 - 14:28
Army injures many Palestinians in southern Gaza Media sources said the Israeli forces, stationed across the perimeter fence, fired the gas bombs at homes located in the Nahda area, in Rafah.
2019/6/17 - 09:30
Palestinian prisoners stage new hunger strike in Israeli jail The Palestinian Commission of Detainees and Ex-Detainees Affairs said on Sunday that at least ۵۰ prisoners had refused to eat at a prison in the southern city of Ashkelon.
2019/6/17 - 08:52
The oldest Mosque in Bulgaria is now open to visitors after a major overhaul According to an Arabic inscription built at the entrance of the temple, it was built in ۱۳۹۴, and some sources point it as the oldest mosque in the Balkans.
2019/6/17 - 02:30
Racist far-right says Islam has no place in Norway, desecrates holy Quran Head of an anti-Islam group in Norway desecrated Islam’s Holy Book.
2019/6/17 - 01:15
Muslim leader urges special training for police to handle hate crime Manawatū Muslims' Association co-leader Abdul Lateef Smith said the training could cover all sorts of hate crimes and intimidation.
2019/6/17 - 00:01
Muslim MP accuses government of ‘shameful silence’ over Trump’s attack on Sadiq Khan ‘This is Khan’s Londonistan’. The term Londonistan has been widely condemned for being a highly racialised term that was used against Sadiq Khan because of his Pakistani and Muslim heritage.
2019/6/16 - 18:30
Probe after anti-Muslim stickers found on bus stops on Long Road, Canvey They appeared to contain a picture of a knight on a horse with a lance, chasing two figures holding an AK۴۷, with one dressed in a Burka.
2019/6/16 - 17:30
Palestinians urge demos, strike against US-led conference The factions have set June ۲۴, a day ahead of the two-day conference, as the day when the rallies will begin across the Israeli-occupied West Bank and the blockaded Gaza Strip. The strike is planned to start across the Palestinian territories as the event begins in the Bahraini capital, Manama.
2019/6/16 - 16:34
Meet the UK’s first female Muslim secondary headteacher It has been a long journey for Nasir, who started her education learning on the floor of a school in Pakistan, has been made a CBE for services to education, and was named Tes headteacher of the year.
2019/6/15 - 20:56

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