Sunday, April 30, 2017
Sunday, April 30, 2017  -  9:59:10 PM
Commander: Mosul to be liberated from Daesh control in May A high-ranking Iraqi military commander has expressed hope that government forces, backed by volunteer fighters from Popular Mobilization Units, will drive Takfiri Daesh terrorists out of their last urban stronghold in the country in less than a month despite the stiff resistance that the extremists are putting up in the densely populated Old City district of western Mosul.
Hamas: Israel trying to evade responsibility for murder Hamas says Israel is trying to evade responsibility for the assassination of an official of the Palestinian resistance movement. The assassination has raised the possibility of a response from Hamas.
2017/4/3 - 17:11
Belgian woman converts to Islam in Imam Reza Holy Shrine A Belgian woman converted to Islam in the Razavi Holy Shrine and uttered the two testimonies of faith in the Holy Shrine.
2017/4/3 - 17:08
PM Hariri: "Israel wants new war against Lebanon" Lebanese prime minister Sa’ad Hariri says recent Israeli actions have indicated a desire for a new conflict after Tel Aviv unveiled the latest addition to its missile system. Recently Israeli threats forced the Lebanese government to task foreign minister Gebran Bassil with preparing a report for the UN Security Council regarding a potential conflict.
2017/4/3 - 17:05
HRW: Israel 'systematically' barring entry into Gaza Human Rights Watch has denounced Israel for "systematically" banning the international group's researchers from entering the blockaded Gaza Strip to document Tel Aviv's abuses.
2017/4/3 - 16:03
'Hijab for a Day' event in British Columbia University Seventy women donned Muslim Hijab, most for the first time, as part of a 'hijab for a Day' event at the University of Northern British Columbia in Prince George this week.
2017/3/30 - 10:33
Terrorist bombing kills five in Homs A terrorist bomb attack on a bus in Syria’s third city Homs killed five people and wounded at least six.
2017/3/29 - 20:03
Al Khalifa forces attack funeral processions for murdered teenager Fresh clashes have broken out in Bahrain as police attacked the funeral processions held for a teenager recently killed by regime force during an anti-regime protest.
2017/3/29 - 20:00
Japanese American Muslims unite against racism, Islamophobia ۲۰۰ people marched from San Jose Japan town to San Jose City Hall to express the solidarity between Japanese Americans and American Muslims.
2017/3/29 - 18:14
Bahrain court gives jail, death sentences to dissidents Bahraini court has handed down a jail sentence to a leader of the banned opposition al-Wefaq National Islamic Society and death and jail sentences to other anti-regime activists.
2017/3/29 - 17:27
Hamas leader: We won't sit quietly after killing of Fuqaha by Israel Having lost a top member to what it denounces as another targeted killing by Israel, the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas vows it will not “sit quietly” in the face of the “new challenge” thrown down by the regime.
2017/3/28 - 17:01
ISIS planned to target Shia shrines in India The ISIS-inspired module that was busted recently have revealed that several plans had been hatched to target Shia shrines in the country, investigations have found.
2017/3/28 - 16:59
Al Khalifa orders ۱۰-year-old boy to court A Bahraini regime court has summoned a minor to stand trial for participation in a pro-democracy protest rally. The first two months of ۲۰۱۷ alone saw an alarming upsurge in arbitrary and abusive force by security forces
2017/3/28 - 15:29

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