Wednesday, December 13, 2017
Wednesday, December 13, 2017  -  10:23:19 AM
Head of Int'l Union of Resistance Scholars: Al-Quds to be liberated soon "We were not surprised by Donald Trump's al-Quds plan backed by some Muslim Arab countries in the region that always support the Zionist Regime." said Sheikh Maher Hammoud.
Amnesty International called Myanmar 'Apartheid' Myanmar has subjected Rohingya Muslims to long-term discrimination and persecution that amounts to "dehumanizing apartheid," Amnesty International said and raises questions about what those who have fled a violent military crackdown would face if they returned home.
2017/11/22 - 14:15
China officials raid thousands of Muslim homes Authorities in China’s northwestern Xinjiang region have searched the homes of ۳۰,۰۰۰ members of the Muslim Kazakh ethnic group, confiscating Qurans, prayer mats and other religious items.
2017/11/21 - 18:00
Suicide blast in Nigeria mosque killed at least ۵۰ A teenage suicide bomber detonated as worshippers gathered for morning prayers at a mosque in northeastern Nigeria, killing at least ۵۰ people, in one of the region's deadliest attacks in years.
2017/11/21 - 16:00
Exhibition on 'Birmingham Quran' opens in UAE A digital exhibition of the manuscript of the ‘Birmingham Quran’, one of the oldest surviving parts of the Quran in the world, was inaugurated at the Umm Al Emarat Park in Abu Dhabi, the UAE.
2017/11/21 - 14:10
Muslims forgave man for vandalizing their mosque, invited him to visit The leaders of the Ahlul Bayt Islamic Center submitted a written statement of forgiveness to be read aloud at the sentencing hearing for a man who pleaded guilty of vandalizing their mosque.
2017/11/21 - 12:10
Husaini Islamic center in London hosts blood donation day Muslim community came together for a special blood donation day, inaugural session was inspired by the Imam Hussain Blood Donation Campaign, which is the largest Islamic campaign of its kind in the UK.
2017/11/21 - 10:00
France to block Muslim street prayers in Paris suburb French authorities will stop Muslims from praying in a street, the country's interior minister said, after a series of protests by lawmakers over what they view as an unacceptable use of public space.
2017/11/21 - 00:00
Turkish woman starts learning Quran at ۶۶ A ۶۶-year-old woman in Turkey has always wanted to learn the Quran but has only recently found the opportunity to do it.
2017/11/20 - 22:10
Final stage of Syed Junaid Quran Award underway in Manama The final stage of the ۱۵th edition of Syed Junaid International Quran Award is underway in Manama, Bahrain with the participation of representatives from ۵۴ countries.
2017/11/20 - 20:15
Muslims in UK concerned over schools’ Hijab inspection A leading British Muslim group has voiced concerns over school inspecting authority, Ofsted, plans to question young Muslim girls on hijab, saying the proposal challenges the British values of religious freedom.
2017/11/20 - 18:30
International conference on Quranic miracles in Jordan An international conference is planned to be held in Jordan to promote research in the field of Quran’s literary miracles. It will gather together Quranic and literary experts from different Arab and Muslim countries for three days.
2017/11/20 - 14:15
Mosque in Sweden desecrated with swastika painting The Al-Huda Islamic Cultural Center’s mosque in Sweden was vandalized when unknown attackers painted a swastika on one of its door. The mosque had been attacked four times between ۲۰۱۲ and ۲۰۱۴.
2017/11/20 - 12:00

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