Thursday, June 29, 2017
Thursday, June 29, 2017  -  1:36:35 AM
Two ISIS child suicide bombers killed at wedding in Anbar Two suicide bombers were gunned down last night while attempting to detonate their explosives at a wedding party in Anbar province in west of Baghdad.
Tunisian security forces kill fugitive Daesh leader Tunisian security forces have managed to kill a fugitive commander of the Daesh Takfiri terrorist group before he could carry out an attack during the holy month of Ramadan.
2017/5/29 - 23:11
Muslims in Britain; a Most Diverse Community Britain is home to one of the most diverse Muslim communities in the world.
2017/5/29 - 16:40
Ramadan Quran Contest Planned in Gaza A Quran competition titled “Tarateel” is planned to be organized in the Gaza Strip, Palestine, for teenagers and the youth during the holy month of Ramadan.
2017/5/29 - 16:32
Tehran Int’l Quran Expo to Kick off Monday The ۲۵th Tehran International Holy Quran Exhibition will get underway in a ceremony here in the Iranian capital on Monday evening.
2017/5/29 - 16:29
'Salam Islam' website launches Ramadan's campaign Salam Islam is a website that answers the most basic needs of those who are new to Islam or have just decided to embrace this religion.
2017/5/29 - 01:20
۱۷۰k fasting people offered with Iftar banquet in Razavi shrine Deputy of sacred premises and pilgrims’ affairs of Astan Quds Razavi said, “During holy month of Ramadan, ۱۷۰ thousand fasting people will enjoy blessed Iftar of Hazrat Reza (as) every day in both Razavi holy shrine and Mashhad’s suburban areas”.
2017/5/28 - 19:48
Syrian army strikes ISIS terrorists in several areas Syrian army units thwarted ISIS (or Daesh) terrorist groups’ attempts to infiltrate and attack the military posts in Tal Barouk west of Deir Ezzor city.
2017/5/28 - 19:36
Iraqi fighters take control of more areas near Mosul Iraq's pro-government Popular Mobilization Units have managed to take control of new strategic areas near Mosul, the last urban stronghold of the Takfiri Daesh (or ISIS) terrorists in the Arab country, amid attempts by the terrorist group to reorganize itself elsewhere.
2017/5/27 - 09:20
Indonesian police arrest ۳ suspected terrorists linked to Daesh Police in Indonesia have arrested three suspected terrorists in the country’s West Java Province on suspicion of being linked to a Wednesday bombing attack that left three officers dead in Jakarta.
2017/5/26 - 20:39
Riyadh court gives death sentences to ۱۴ young activists from Qatif A Saudi court has given death sentences to over a dozen young Shia activists from the restive Qatif region, which has been the scene of peaceful protest rallies against the ruling Al Saudi regime in recent years.
2017/5/26 - 20:36
Bahrainis hold more anti-regime rallies nationwide People in Bahrain hold more rallies nationwide in protest at the Manama regime’s recent bloodshed in the besieged village of Diraz, which is home to the spiritual leader of the country’s Shia majority, Sheikh Isa Qassim.
2017/5/26 - 20:34
Taliban militants kill ۱۵ Afghan soldiers in Kandahar Taliban militants have killed at least ۱۵ Afghan soldiers during an attack on an army base in Afghanistan's southern province of Kandahar.
2017/5/26 - 18:19