Saturday, June 24, 2017
Saturday, June 24, 2017  -  5:46:39 PM
Indian mob kills Muslim teen over ‘carrying beef’ Indian police Saturday said one person was arrested after a mob stabbed a Muslim teenager to death on suspicion of carrying beef, an offence in many parts of the Hindu-majority country.
France: Bahrain unrest obstructing national reconciliation France has condemned the Bahraini regime’s decision to dissolve the country’s largest leftist political party, the National Democratic Action Society (Wa’ad), stating that the measure which comes as part of the ruling Al Khalifah dynasty’s crackdown on dissent, prevents national reconciliation efforts in the Persian Gulf kingdom.
2017/6/3 - 11:56
Iraqi forces kill Daesh 'religious' police chief in western Mosul Iraqi security forces have killed the so-called religious police chief of the Takfiri Daesh terrorist group in the western part of Mosul as government troops and allied fighters from Popular Mobilization Units are battling to drive the extremist out of their last urban stronghold in the country.
2017/6/3 - 11:36
Palestinian girl shot by Israel troops dies of wounds A Palestinian teenage girl succumbs to the injuries she sustained in a shooting assault by Israeli military forces over an alleged stabbing attack in the occupied West Bank. Israeli troops have been confronting the Palestinian protesters with unremitting aggression, killing more than ۳۰۰ of them since October ۲۰۱۵.
2017/6/2 - 17:56
Russian airstrikes killing ۸۰ Daesh terrorists fleeing Raqqah Russian jets have destroyed three large convoys of Daesh(or ISIS or ISIL) Takfiri terrorists fleeing the Syrian city of Raqqah towards Palmyra, killing ۸۰ militants.
2017/6/1 - 17:08
Massive Kabul truck bomb kills ۸۰, wounds hundreds At least ۸۰ people were killed and hundreds wounded Wednesday when a massive truck bomb ripped through Kabul’s diplomatic quarter, bringing carnage to the streets of the Afghan capital and shattering windows hundreds of meters away.
2017/5/31 - 20:28
UN report: ۵۰ years on, Israel occupation ruining Palestinian lives The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) has condemned Israel’s oppressive occupation and its damaging effects on Palestinians’ everyday lives, expressing concerns about the regime forces’ use of lethal force against Palestinians.
2017/5/31 - 20:07
Chinese Minister of Religious Affairs: "Islam, inseparable part of chinese culture" "The Islamic culture is an inseparable part of our culture and the government of China is seeking ways to develop Muslim regions in the country," said the Chinese minister.
2017/5/31 - 18:39
Vibrant pictures of Ramadan around the world As Muslims all over the world are began their month-long daytime religious fast, lets’ take look on some vibrant pictures of “The Month of GOD”
2017/5/31 - 14:10
Melbourne schoolgirl martyred as Isis targets Baghdad ice-cream parlour Twelve-year-old was in the Iraqi capital with family to visit her sick grandfather when a suicide car bomb exploded, killing ۱۷ people.
2017/5/31 - 11:39
Ramadan is the month of the Qur'an : Pictures from around the world Ramadan is the month of God for Muslims and they believe in reciting the holy book, from cover to cover, in the month of Ramadan.
2017/5/31 - 09:50