Tuesday, June 19, 2018
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Israeli forces arrest Palestinian man over alleged stabbing attack Israeli military forces have arrested a Palestinian man in the northern part of the occupied territories as tensions continue to simmer between Israeli soldiers and Palestinians protesting against the Tel Aviv regime's expropriation of their lands.
2018/6/11 - 22:30
Hundreds of Palestinians call for stopping Gaza blockade Hundreds of Palestinians holding rallies in West Bank called for stopping siege in Gaza Strip.
2018/6/11 - 21:30
At least ۱۳ people killed in ISIS bomb attack in Kabul At least ۱۳ people, including women and children, have lost their lives and dozens more sustained injuries after a member of the Daesh(or ISIS) Takfiri terrorist group detonated an explosive vest outside a government ministry in Afghanistan's capital of Kabul, officials say.
2018/6/11 - 20:36
Schools in New Jersey township to close for Eid al-Fitr next year Schools in Township of Teaneck, US state of New Jersey, will close for a day next June in celebration of Eid al Fitr, a reflection of the township's growing number of Muslim students. Two years ago, Paramus school officials voted not to give off days for Eid al-Adha and Diwali, a Hindu holiday.
2018/6/11 - 20:20
Fox News calls Donald Trump a ‘dictator’ America’s flagship conservative network Fox News has stirred a controversy by referring to Republican President Donald Trump as a “dictator,” in what administration critics are describing as a rather Freudian slip.
2018/6/11 - 18:00
Study: Racist incidents at UK universities rise by ۶۰% in two years Universities across the United Kingdom have seen a steep rise in the number of racist incidents, new figures show.
2018/6/11 - 16:00
Iraq's citizen death toll drops by nearly ۸۰ percent Two reports suggested that civilian death toll from violence in Iraq has dropped significantly this year, a sign the country is emerging from years of militant-led bloodshed.
2018/6/11 - 02:30
US-backed militias start hiring kids in Syria The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have started forcing children to take part in organized crime and robbery in Raqqa city.
2018/6/11 - 00:00
Eid shopping across Pakistan in full swing Eid shopping in full swing across Pakistan and almost all markets in different cities of the county are crowded with people buying new clothes and other accessories on the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr.
2018/6/10 - 23:00
Muslim food truck owners fasting during Ramadan in NY Fasting can be tough for pretty much anyone. But what about the Muslim men and women who are fasting during daylight hours and spend all day preparing and serving food to the public?
2018/6/10 - 22:30
Watchdog: UK ignored suspicious arms flow to Saudi Arabia An arms sales watchdog accuses the UK of refusing to act in time to prevent a huge and highly-suspicious Saudi-bound ammunition consignment.
2018/6/10 - 21:30
Hijab photo exhibition held in Afghanistan The city of Mazar-i-Sharif in north of Afghanistan a one-day exhibition of photos featuring Hijab and Ifaf (chastity).
2018/6/10 - 20:20

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