Wednesday, October 18, 2017
Wednesday, October 18, 2017  -  10:10:30 AM
Maine University Adds Prayer Room Facility for Muslim Students The University of Southern Maine is adding a new prayer room to better accommodate Muslim students and students of other faiths.
US Muslim students launch app to document Islamophobia Facing rising anti-Islam attacks, Muslim students in US state of North Carolina have launched a new app to document Islamophobia on campus and offer support to their colleagues.
2017/10/15 - 07:05
Muslim Lifestyle Expo ۲۰۱۷ launches in Manchester Manchester’s Event City is going to host the third Muslim Lifestyle Expo (MLE ۲۰۱۷) on ۲۸th & ۲۹th October ۲۰۱۷.
2017/10/15 - 06:00
Bahraini coalition slams regime for blocking Friday prayers Bahrain’s February ۱۴ Youth Coalition slammed the ruling Al Khalifa regime for preventing Shia Muslims from holding Friday prayers in the northwestern town of Diraz, for the ۶۵th week in a row.
2017/10/15 - 05:35
Rebels kill ۲۵ Muslims in CAR mosque Anti-Balaka rebels killed at least ۲۵ Muslims inside a mosque in the town of Kembe in south-central Central African Republic.
2017/10/15 - 04:05
Opposing Palestinian factions reach national reconciliation agreement in Egypt capital Palestinian resistance movement Hamas says it has reached a national reconciliation deal with rival party Fatah with the aim of ending a decade-long political rift mainly over the governance of the Gaza Strip.
2017/10/12 - 15:52
۳ suicide bombers attack police command, clothes market in Damascus Two terrorist suicide bombers blew themselves up with two explosive belts in front of the Police Command’s building in Khalid Ibn al-Walid Street in Damascus, according to a source at the Interior Ministry.
2017/10/12 - 06:45
Necessity of launching unity-themed television channel Top Lebanese cleric highlighted necessity of launching a television channel in line with Islamic unity, stressed that "We should focus our activities on universities and television channels jointly operated by Shia and Sunni because there are several channels with the agenda of dividing Muslims and promoting Wahhabism."
2017/10/12 - 01:30
UN tells Myanmar’s Suu Kyi to end violence against Rohingya The United Nations human rights office has urged Myanmar’s de facto leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, to halt the persisting violence and discrimination against the Rohingya Muslim minority in the country. Suu Kyi, who has won a Nobel Peace Prize, has refused to take any action to end the violence.
2017/10/11 - 20:25
Visa for Arbaeen Pilgrims at Iraqi airports, border crossings Iraq’s Interior Ministry has ordered related bodies to facilitate issuing visas for pilgrims traveling to the Arab country for Arbaeen. This year, Arbaeen falls on Thursday, November ۹.
2017/10/11 - 10:35
'Several terrorist concocted schemes foiled during Muharram' Iran thwarts several terror plots during Muharram "Several terrorist schemes were thwarted during the holy month of Muharram," pointed out Iranian Intelligence Minister.
2017/10/11 - 10:30
Iraqi warplanes kill ۱۷ Daesh militants near Syria border A high-ranking Iraqi military official says more than a dozen Daesh Takfiri terrorists were killed when Iraqi Air Force fighter jets bombarded their positions. Meanwhile several hundred suspected Daesh militants have turned themselves in to Kurdish Peshmerga forces.
2017/10/11 - 10:26
At least five Shia Muslims martyred in Pakistan’s Quetta Gunmen on a motorcycle have killed at least five Pakistani Shia Muslims in Balochistan Province, in the second terror attack targeting members of the Hazara community in less than a week. The community frequently come under attack by Taliban-affiliated, ISIS and other militant groups active in Balochistan
2017/10/10 - 14:21