Tuesday, June 19, 2018
Thursday, June 7, 2018  -  12:00:00 AM
Final result: HawzahNews 'photo of the month' selected
Quran competition concludes in Uganda A Quran competition jointly organized by the Iranian Cultural Center in Uganda and the African country’s UBC TV channel, concluded late last week.
2018/6/18 - 16:15
Iranian film on ‘sacred defense’ screened in China ‘Track ۱۴۳’, a movie featuring Iran’s ۱۹۸۰-۱۹۸۸ Sacred Defense was one of the ۴ Iranian films screened in a film festival in China’s Qingdao.
2018/6/18 - 14:35
Israel advances bill criminalizing filming atrocities against Palestinians Israel's cabinet ministers have authorized a bill that would criminalize filming of the Israeli forces' atrocities against the Palestinians while on duty.
2018/6/18 - 05:05
Turkey fighter jets 'neutralize' ۳۵ PKK terrorists in northern Iraq Turkish military aircraft have “neutralized” nearly three dozen members of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) militant group when they carried out a string of airstrikes against terrorist hideouts in Iraq's northern semi-autonomous Kurdistan region.
2018/6/18 - 03:00
۳ Shia Bahraini clerics sentenced to death, ۸ others to life imprisonment Bahraini regime officials have handed down death sentences to three Shia clergymen and condemned eight others to life imprisonment as the ruling Al Khalifah regime continues with its repressive measures and heavy-handed crackdown on members of the religious community.
2018/6/18 - 02:00
Bomb attacks kill ۳۱ in Borno state of northeastern Nigeria At least ۳۱ people have been killed in two separate bomb attacks carried out at crowded spots in northeastern Nigeria.
2018/6/18 - 00:00
Pope calls for ending bloodshed in Yemen Pope Francis on Sunday urged the international community to mediate ending the conflict in Yemen which has claimed the lives of thousands of people.
2018/6/17 - 23:00
Afghanistan extends ceasefire with Taliban Afghanistan government has extended its unilateral ceasefire with the Taliban following an initial truce observed by both sides over the Eid festival period.
2018/6/17 - 22:05
Prominent Egyptian Quran teacher passes away of heart attack An eminent Quran teacher in Egypt died yesterday after suffering a heart attack.
2018/6/17 - 21:30
۴۰ Quranic projects realised by Karbala-based center in ۱۰ Years The Dar-ol-Quran Center affiliated to the Astan (custodianship) of the Imam Hussein (AS) holy shrine in Karbala, Iraq, has implemented ۴۰ Quranic projects over the past ten years, an official said.
2018/6/17 - 19:30
Islam-Armenian Christianity dialogue to be held in Lebanon The ۸th round of dialogue between Islam and Armenian Christianity will be held from June ۲۷ to ۲۹ in Lebanon.
2018/6/17 - 18:00
Eid ۲۰۱۸ UK in pictures How Eid al-Fitr was celebrated around Britain Millions of Muslims have been celebrating the end of Ramadan around the world - and the UK has been no exception. In Birmingham, thousands of people united in prayer at Small Heath Park, creating an impressive and colourful aerial view from above.
2018/6/17 - 14:37

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