Tuesday, August 21, 2018
Monday, August 6, 2018  -  10:00:00 PM
Pakistani Shias hold demonstration in Islamabad The annual rally of Pakistan’s Shia Muslims was held in the capital Islamabad on Monday.
More than two million Muslims begin Hajj pilgrimage More than two million Muslims from around the globe have converged in the holy city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia to start this year’s Hajj pilgrimage.
2018/8/19 - 23:00
Expert: US using Daesh threat to remain in Iraq The United States seeks to keep the Daesh terrorist group as a “viable threat” in order to maintain its military presence in Iraq, says an expert.
2018/8/19 - 22:03
Halal Bubs: Baby food business in Australia is booming Halal has been a hotly debated topic in Australia’s national discourse but with ۶۰۴,۰۰۰ Muslims living across the nation, it’s clear that demand for nutritious Halal baby food is soaring.
2018/8/19 - 19:00
Abbas: Keep ground aflame with popular resistance Mahmoud Abbas has called on Palestinians to intensify their "popular resistance" against the Israeli occupation, using a markedly strong language rarely heard from him.
2018/8/19 - 17:00
Muslim driver in India found dead, row over his cremation The family of Indian Muslim victim has vented their anger at the police for "their callous attitude" for cremating a Muslim.
2018/8/19 - 13:00
Swedish Muslim woman gets hundreds of threats after winning discrimination case Muslim woman in Sweden on Saturday said she has received hundreds of threats and sexually explicit abusive messages after a local court ruled in her favor in a discrimination case.
2018/8/19 - 11:30
Israeli colonists uproot ۷۰ olive saplings near Ramallah Illegal Israeli paramilitary colonizers uprooted, Saturday, dozens of Palestinian olive saplings, and cut trees, in Ras Karkar village, west of the central West Bank city of Ramallah.
2018/8/19 - 09:41
Qatar accuses Saudi Arabia of barring Hajj pilgrims Qatar has accused Saudi Arabia of barring its citizens from performing this year’s Hajj pilgrimage amid a year-long boycott of Doha by a Saudi-led bloc of four Arab nations.
2018/8/18 - 23:45
Muslim couple denied Swiss citizenship over handshake refusal The Swiss city of Lausanne blocked a Muslim couple's bid to become Swiss nationals over their refusal to shake hands with members of the opposite sex.
2018/8/18 - 22:00
United Bank UK hosts Islamic banking seminar United Bank UK held an Islamic banking seminar to raise awareness of Islamic banking alternatives available for the community.
2018/8/18 - 20:20
Imam in India detained for holding prayer sans permit Imam and landlord of a private land in Gurugram, India detained for allegedly holding the prayer without prior permission from authorities. Both later let off by police. The police spokesperson said that prayer or namaz could be held only at places designated by the local administration.
2018/8/18 - 17:55
Kaduna state sponsors hate speech campaigns against Shia Muslims The Islamic Movement in Nigeria has accused Kaduna state government of Elrufa’i of sponsoring hate speech campaigns against it, with the public presentation of a Book early in the week at Arewa House, Kaduna, during which Shias were called infidels by the organizers of the event.
2018/8/18 - 10:51