Wednesday, December 13, 2017
Wednesday, December 13, 2017  -  10:23:19 AM
Head of Int'l Union of Resistance Scholars: Al-Quds to be liberated soon "We were not surprised by Donald Trump's al-Quds plan backed by some Muslim Arab countries in the region that always support the Zionist Regime." said Sheikh Maher Hammoud.
Daesh bombing leaves nearly dozen dead in Yemen’s Aden Nearly a dozen people have lost their lives when an ISIS (or Daesh) bomber blew up his explosives-laden vehicle near forces loyal to the Saudi-backed former Yemeni President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi in the southern port city of Aden.
2017/11/14 - 21:25
More than ۲۰ Afghan police killed in Taliban attacks Almost two dozen police officers have been killed by Taliban militants in southern Afghanistan.
2017/11/14 - 19:20
Cow vigilantes kill Muslim man in India's Rajasthan The body of a young man was found near railway tracks in Rajasthan in India , with activists alleging that he was killed by cow vigilantes. The incident came months after the killing of Pehlu Khan, a dairy farmer from Nuh district of Haryana
2017/11/14 - 02:25
Official: Hezbollah ready to face any military situation A senior official of the Lebanese Hezbollah resistance movement says his group is ready for any military scenario. Safieddine stressed that Hezbollah has been changing and developing new military capabilities, and Israeli reports on Hezbollah’s weaponry are "inaccurate as the enemy intelligence agencies can never reach veracious data in this context."
2017/11/14 - 01:30
Israel arrests senior Islamic Jihad leader Israel's army has arrested a senior leader of the Islamic Jihad resistance movement after its demolition of a tunnel in the besieged Gaza Strip last month.
2017/11/13 - 22:15
Hezbollah MP: "Zionist enemy thinking thousand times before attacking Lebanon" Member of Loyalty to Resistance bloc at the Lebanese Parliament stressed that the Lebanese Resistance Movement is always ready to defend its country, noting that the Zionist enemy is thinking a thousand times before launching an attack against Lebanon.
2017/11/13 - 01:30
Wheaton mosque accompanying open house to encourage peace The Islamic Center of Wheaton, in the US state of Illinois, is organizing an Open Mosque Day to help in the outreach messages of peace and understanding of each other. It will be attended by many guests and public officials from the community.
2017/11/12 - 23:15
England mosque opened its doors to the public A mosque in the heart of Norwich city in England, opened its doors to the community to share its faith and dispel any misunderstandings. Within two hours of the event opening officials had already welcomed about ۱۰۰ people through the doors.
2017/11/12 - 21:05
۴,۰۰۰ Quran memorizers at Al-Mustafa Int’l university As a result of Quranic programs held at Al-Mustafa International University, some ۴,۰۰۰ students of the university have memorized the Holy Quran. They will become Quran teachers, managers and experts.
2017/11/12 - 19:20
Intl. conference on ‘suffering of the Palestinian child’ in Kuwait An international conference on “the suffering of the Palestinian Child” will be held in Kuwait
2017/11/12 - 17:15
Muslim father forgives son’s killer' in the spirit of Islam' A slain Muslim delivery driver’s father forgave and hugged the man who was sentenced to ۳۱ years for his son's killing in the US. Relford told the Jitmoud family, "I'm sorry about what happened that day. I cannot do nothing to give that back to you."
2017/11/11 - 23:05
Muslim prayer rooms opened in a Tai resort The Alishan National Forest Recreation Area in Taiwan opened its first prayer rooms for Muslim visitors to the mountain resort area in Chiayi County.
2017/11/11 - 21:00