Saturday, June 24, 2017
Saturday, June 24, 2017  -  5:46:39 PM
Indian mob kills Muslim teen over ‘carrying beef’ Indian police Saturday said one person was arrested after a mob stabbed a Muslim teenager to death on suspicion of carrying beef, an offence in many parts of the Hindu-majority country.
The Leader votes in presidential election of Iran Leader of the Islamic Revolution cast a ballot in Iran’s presidential election on Friday morning as soon as the voting kicked off, calling on all Iranians to take part in the “very important” elections with awareness.// Ayatollah Khamenei also urged the voters to attend the election with knowledge and awareness.
2017/5/19 - 13:52
Israeli settler kills young Palestinian man, injures journalist An Israeli settler has killed a young Palestinian man and injured a journalist in the northern part of the occupied West Bank during a march in solidarity with hundreds of Palestinian hunger-striking inmates in Israeli jails.
2017/5/19 - 10:16
Saudi regime offensive on Shia town enters ۲nd week Saudi regime forces have launched a fresh wave of shelling attacks against a besieged town in Saudi Arabia’s Shia-populated Eastern Province, as a fierce crackdown on protesters there enters its second week.
2017/5/18 - 17:54
download "Israelis attack Palestinian protesters to hide truth" A member of the Free Palestine Movement believes the purpose of Israeli forces’ attacks against peaceful protesters is “more repression”, adding that part of it is “the imprisonment of Palestinians who are defending their rights in order to keep them quiet”.
2017/5/18 - 17:44
Sheikh al-Daqaq: Al Saud’s Attack on Shia ‘Message to Innocent Bahrainis’ “The attacks on Shia Muslims in eastern Saudi Arabia send a message to the innocent Bahraini Shias.” said Sheikh al-Daqaq.
2017/5/18 - 09:11
Rouhani, Raeisi in heated race to win over voters in Mashhad On the last day of campaigning for Iran’s ۱۲th presidential election, the two main rivals gearing up for a head-to-head battle, Hassan Rouhani and Seyyed Ebrahim Raeisi, are revving up their campaigns in the northeastern city of Mashhad.
2017/5/18 - 00:27
Iraqi forces launch anti-ISIL offensive in eastern Diyala While the Iraqi government is currently employing most of its military power in a major campaign to drive ISIL (or Daesh) terrorist group out of Mosul, Iraqi troops launched military operations against the pockets of this group across the eastern Diyala province, the Dijla Operations Command has declared.
2017/5/17 - 18:05
Leader: Calm, secure Iran preparing for polls Leader of the Islamic Revolution says Iran is preparing for its presidential elections in a secure and calm environment at the heart of a region rife with unrest, adding that people were awaiting the event with "passion."
2017/5/17 - 16:45
Catholic bishop tells Muslims sustain peace and tolerance The Catholic bishop of Wa, Ghana, has called on Muslims to sustain tolerance and peaceful co-existence. He added Muslims must pay more attention to things that unite them rather than things that divide them.
2017/5/17 - 12:54
UK Muslim charity launches lunch club for homeless people A new weekly lunch club for the homeless and needy of Reading Town in England has been set up by a Muslim charity to help these people.
2017/5/17 - 00:34
ISIS mass grave found near Iraq's Mosul A grave containing multiple human corpses was discovered on Monday in an area recently recaptured from ISIS terrorists in northern Iraq.
2017/5/17 - 00:16
Shadjareh: "Western propaganda failed to affect Iran elections" The head of the Islamic Human Rights Commission says democracy has become part and parcel of the lives of people in Iran.
2017/5/16 - 18:16