Saturday, June 24, 2017
Saturday, June 24, 2017  -  5:46:39 PM
Indian mob kills Muslim teen over ‘carrying beef’ Indian police Saturday said one person was arrested after a mob stabbed a Muslim teenager to death on suspicion of carrying beef, an offence in many parts of the Hindu-majority country.
Bahrain Security Forces Push into Shi'ite Leader's Home Village Bahrain's interior ministry said it had launched a security operation on Tuesday in the home village of the country's Shi'ite Muslim spiritual leader, the site of a sit-in encampment of his followers.
2017/5/23 - 16:26
Indonesia hosts Conference on 'Social Perspectives of Shafi'i Imam' The international conference called 'Contemporary Social Perspectives of Shafi'i Imam' was held in Indonesia's capital on Monday.
2017/5/23 - 12:15
Head of Hamburg's Imam Ali Center: "Islam condemns Takfirism, Radicalism" Hujjat al-Islam Reza Ramezani, Friday Prayer Imam and head of Imam Ali (as) Islamic center in Hamburg, Germany delivered a speech in the international conference called 'Danger of Takfir and Radicalism on Global Peaceful Coexistence' which is being held in Danish capital, Copenhagen.
2017/5/23 - 11:48
Int'l Conference on Takfiri Threats kicks off in Denmark The conference on 'Danger of Takfir and Radicalism on Global Peaceful Coexistence' inaugurated in Danish Capital's Imam Ali mosque in which several religious figures and missionaries took part.
2017/5/23 - 11:04
۸۳-Year-Old Woman Learns to Read Quran An ۸۳-year-old woman in Turkey managed to learn reading the Quran despite her old age.
2017/5/22 - 23:49
Rights Groups: "Trump rewarding Saudi war crimes with $۱۱۰ bn-deal" The administration of US president Donald Trump has come under fire from human rights advocacy groups for striking a massive weapons deal with Saudi Arabia without considering the Riyadh regime’s rights record.
2017/5/22 - 22:08
'Palestinian hunger strike will bear fruit' Author and Middle East expert Kevin Barrett has described the Palestinian hunger strike in Israeli jails as “a Gandhian tool” which has already attracted much attention internationally and is going to eventually have an impact on the status quo.
2017/5/22 - 20:23
Bahraini court sentences Sheikh Isa Qassim Al- Khalifah regime sentenced Sheikh Isa Qassim, the spiritual leader of Bahrain’s revolution, to one year imprisonment.
2017/5/21 - 14:49
Report: Daesh terrorists kill ۱۹ Syrian civilians, abduct ۳ SDF militants A monitoring group says members of the Daesh Takfiri terrorist group have killed nearly ۲۰ people, including two children, in a village in Syria’s eastern province of Dayr al-Zawr.
2017/5/21 - 00:16
۱۶۴ Palestinians injured by Israeli soldiers in one day during solidarity protests Israeli occupation forces wounded, on Friday, ۱۶۴ Palestinian protesters in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip, with several suffering moderate to critical injuries.
2017/5/21 - 00:05
Ex- Bahraini MP: Saudi crack down on Awamiyah Shiite resembles of Israeli oppression The former Bahraini member of the parliament compares Saudi regime's crackdown on protests in Al-Awamiyah with the Israeli regime's oppression of the Palestinians. Jalal Firuz added: "The Western media today are submitting to the Zionists such as Rupert Merdoch. They support who pays more."
2017/5/19 - 22:05