Wednesday, December 13, 2017
Wednesday, December 13, 2017  -  10:23:19 AM
Head of Int'l Union of Resistance Scholars: Al-Quds to be liberated soon "We were not surprised by Donald Trump's al-Quds plan backed by some Muslim Arab countries in the region that always support the Zionist Regime." said Sheikh Maher Hammoud.
Saudi jets kill ۶ children, ۳ women in Yemen At least ۶ children and three women have been killed after Saudi fighter jets targeted a residential area in Yemen's northern province of Jawf. The aerial aggression came just two days after Saudis killed some ۱۷ people in Hajjah province.
2017/11/20 - 10:00
Another teacher ripped off student Hijab in US Muslim students are getting their Hijabs pulled off by teachers in classrooms across US. In May, a Bronx substitute teacher in New York City ripped off a second-grade student’s hijab because the student was allegedly misbehaving.
2017/11/18 - 19:30
Memorial service for Iranian Quranic figure on Sunday A memorial service will be held for Seyed Mehdi Fatemian, prominent Iranian Quran master who died on Thursday in age of ۷۳.
2017/11/18 - 13:15
۷ years after destroying Mosque: ​ Palestinian worshipers ordered to pay $۳۷,۰۰۰ fine Israeli occupation authorities have ordered Muslim worshipers to pay ($۳۷,۰۰۰) fine, seven years after destroying their mosque in Rahat, southern Palestine. The Be’er Sheva Magistrate’s Court and District Court marked the ۴۰۰-square meter structure for demolition.
2017/11/18 - 11:20
Swedish mosque granted Adhan permission A mosque in southern Sweden has been allowed to use speakers for calls to the daily prayers (Adhan), Initially mosque will only use speaker for call to Friday prayers, says local official.
2017/11/18 - 09:20
Ban on Shia friday prayers in Bahrain’s Diraz hits ۷۰-week A ban on Shia Friday prayers in Bahrain’s Diraz hit the ۷۰-week mark as the kingdom’s security forces tightened their siege on the village.
2017/11/18 - 04:20
Mourning ceremony on Holy Prophet’s demise anniversary in Netherlands The Al-Kawthar Cultural Institute in The Hague, Netherlands holds the anniversary of the Holy Prophet’s (pbuh) demise and Imam Hassan’s (as) martyrdom.
2017/11/18 - 02:15
Saudi-led blockade of Yemen continues to exacerbate a humanitarian crisis Aid workers are still reporting difficulty in providing food and medical supplies to Yemeni people, the Red Sea port city of al-Hudaydah, remains closed. At least ۷ million people are reportedly on the brink of famine as drinking water and food is in short supply due to the blockade.
2017/11/18 - 00:00
Yemen army attacked Saudi sites in Asir, Najran The forces of the Yemeni army in retaliatory attacks against the Saudi-led coalition, shelled Saudi military sites in regions of Asir and Najran, inflicting heavy casualties on them.
2017/11/17 - 22:35
Iraqi forces recapture final controlled town by Daesh Iraqi forces say they have recaptured Rawa, the last town in the country controlled by so-called Daesh.
2017/11/17 - 20:15
۵۰ Muslim countries participate in Khartoum Int’l Quran contest As many as ۵۰ Arab and Muslim countries have announced their readiness to send representatives to the ۹th Khartoum International Quran Award.
2017/11/17 - 18:30
In a letter to Supreme Leader, Lebanese cleric offers condolences over Iran's earthquake Lebanese top cleric Ayatollah Qabalan has offered condolences to Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei and senior cleric Ayatollah Sistani over heavy casualties and destruction caused by a strong Earthquake in the west of the country.
2017/11/15 - 16:17

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