Tuesday, January 23, 2018
Monday, January 22, 2018  -  5:49:52 PM
Ayat. Nabulsi: Recent developments in Palestine usher in new Intifada “Recent developments in Occupied Palestinian territories including the escalated fight between Palestinian citizens and Zionist forces is a sign of an upcoming revolution which is going to be more comprehensive and significant than all previous intifadas in the Occupied Territories.” said Ayatollah al-Nabulsi.
National association of Qaris to be formed in Iraq Custodianship of Imam Hussein (AS) holy shrine announced a plan for formation of a national association of Quran reciters in Iraq.
2018/1/23 - 20:00
Muslims call for dismissal of Islamophobic Maine official United States’ largest Muslim civil rights organization, called for the removal of an official in Maine who wants separation of the races and calls Islam “barbarism.”
2018/1/23 - 19:00
Turkey hits PKK bases in Iraq amid Syria operation Turkey has carried out airstrikes in northern Iraq against the strongholds of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) militants, whom it says were planning to launch attacks on Turkish soil.
2018/1/23 - 17:30
Palestinians go on strike in protest at US vice president’s visit, US policies Palestinians have gone on a general strike in protest at US Vice President visit to Jerusalem al-Quds and Washington’s decision to recognize the holy city as Israel’s “capital.”
2018/1/23 - 16:20
UK Muslim body to introduce new counter-terror initiative Britain’s Muslims will start a new counter-terrorism initiative under the country’s biggest Muslim umbrella organization, according to a conference in North London on Saturday.
2018/1/23 - 06:30
UAE Quran center teaches memorization without recitation Quran learning courses are now open at the Mohammed Bin Obaid Quran Center in Dubai, the UAE.
2018/1/23 - 05:25
Iran speaker issues condoles with Hezbollah chief Ali Larijani extended his condolences to Lebanese Hezbollah leader on the passing away of one of the latter's close relatives.
2018/1/23 - 04:10
Italian ambassador in Iraq visits Imam Ali Holy Shrine Bruno Antonio Pasquino, the Italian ambassador in Iraq, visited the Holy Shrine of Imam Ali (PBUH) as the Public Relations Department received him.
2018/1/23 - 02:15
Quran teaching center for women opens in Kuwait Kuwait’s Ministry of Awqaf and Religious Affairs launched a Quran memorization center called “Imam Shatibi” for women.
2018/1/23 - 00:00
Islamic council: Anti-Islam sentiment growing in Australia Muslims are just the latest group to be demonized in Australian society, in a practice that dates back to the earliest days of European settlement according to the head of Australia's peak Muslim body.
2018/1/22 - 23:00
Angry Palestinians protest US vice president's visit to Israel Palestinians have taken to the streets of the West Bank city of Bethlehem to protest US Vice President Mike Pence’s visit to Israel, burning his photos over Washington’s decision to recognize Jerusalem al-Quds as the Israeli “capital.”
2018/1/22 - 19:00
Spread of corruption, insecurity main goal of Zionist regime Representative of Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement in Iran said spread of insecurity and corruption in the world is the main objective of Zionist regime.
2018/1/22 - 18:30