Tuesday, August 21, 2018
Monday, August 6, 2018  -  10:00:00 PM
Pakistani Shias hold demonstration in Islamabad The annual rally of Pakistan’s Shia Muslims was held in the capital Islamabad on Monday.
Eid al-Adha ۲۰۱۸: Preparations begin for the Islamic holiday, in pictures also called the "Festival of Sacrifice", is the second of two Islamic holidays celebrated worldwide each year. It honors the willingness of Ibrahim to sacrifice his son as an act of obedience to God’s command. Before he could sacrifice his son, God provided a ram to sacrifice instead.
2018/8/21 - 09:32
Stockholm Islamic center to host recitation of Arafah supplication The Imam Ali (AS) Islamic Center in Stockholm, Sweden, will host a program on Tuesday in which the Arafah Supplication is recited.
2018/8/21 - 03:15
Al-Nujaba Movement: US wants a weak state in Iraq Spokesman for the Islamic resistance movement al-Nujaba said that the United States wants a weak state in Iraq and its forces to remain in this country.
2018/8/21 - 01:30
Brazil, world’s top exporter of halal meat Up to ۲ million Muslims were set to perform the annual Hajj pilgrimage Sunday to the sacred city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia, the world's biggest importer of halal meat. When they arrive, there's a good chance they'll be eating food from South America.
2018/8/21 - 00:00
Imam Ali’s (AS) sayings published in Georgian The Iranian Cultural Center in Tbilisi, capital of Georgia, has published a book of short sayings of Imam Ali (AS) in the Georgian language.
2018/8/20 - 23:00
Abuja to host Islam-Christianity dialogue Abuja, Nigeria’s capital, will play host to an Islam-Christianity dialogue later this month.
2018/8/20 - 21:00
Ceremony to replace holy Kaaba’s covering held in Mecca ahead of eid A ceremony to replace the Holy Kaaba’s covering, known as the Kiswa, with a new one began in Mecca on Sunday, ahead of Eid al-Adha.
2018/8/20 - 19:00
FM Zarif: US addicted to sanctions, bullying Iran's European partners Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says the United States is suffering from the disease of addiction to imposing sanctions on Iran.
2018/8/20 - 17:00
Locals: ۱۹ dead in Boko Haram raid on Nigerian village At least ۱۹ people have been killed in a raid by Takfiri Boko Haram militants on a village in northwestern Nigeria, locals say.
2018/8/20 - 12:49
Palestinians receive ۱۰ tonnes of letters Israel withheld for ۸ years Palestinian people living in the Israeli-occupied West Bank are set to receive a special delivery of some ۱۰.۵ tonnes of letters and postal packages that the Tel Aviv regime had kept for up to eight years.
2018/8/20 - 00:00
More than two million Muslims begin Hajj pilgrimage More than two million Muslims from around the globe have converged in the holy city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia to start this year’s Hajj pilgrimage.
2018/8/19 - 23:00
Expert: US using Daesh threat to remain in Iraq The United States seeks to keep the Daesh terrorist group as a “viable threat” in order to maintain its military presence in Iraq, says an expert.
2018/8/19 - 22:03