Sunday, April 30, 2017
Bahraini Activist: "Normalizing Bahrain-Israel ties, hostility towards Islamic Resistance" "It seems that Al Khalifah rulers believe the fastest way to gain American-Western support for their regime is to embrace the Zionist regime and develop their bilateral relationship; All prominent figures in the region have warned Al Khalifah about the consequences of insulting Sheikh Isa Qassim." said Bahraini activist.
2017/1/15 - 21:00
Member of Al-Mustafa Academic Board: Iran, the only country to base the Humanities on Islamic teachings The head of the Faculty of Regional Studies of al-Mustafa International University indicated to some of the great progress achieved in the last ten years on trying to base the Humanities on Islamic ideals and said, ‘The Islamic Republic of Iran is the first and only country trying to base the Humanities on Islamic teachings.’
2017/1/15 - 13:36
Ayat. Javadi Amoli: Cinema, Best Medium to Promote Divine Teachings "The medium of Cinema serves as the best way to attract audiences and promote divine teachings, since it addresses all human perceptions and senses."
2017/1/15 - 12:04
Ayatollah Moqtadayi: Jamiat al-Zahra, a great Islamic Center in Qom, Iran Vice Chairman of the Society of Seminary Teachers asserted that answering religious inquires as well as misgivings are of great importance in today’s world, concluded “ Jamiat al-Zahra’s seminary students have served the cause of Islam and Ahlul bayt (as) for so many years.”
2017/1/14 - 12:11
Ayat. Arafi: Seminaries must prepare a comprehensive plan on population issue “The new wave of population growth in Iran could be effective in other countries as well since it can start a movement in the Muslim world in terms of family planning policies,” .
2017/1/12 - 18:06
Muslim Cleric: Iranian Seminary courses tailored to the needs of Society Head of the Islamic Seminaries' Institute of Theology spoke on the ongoing programs and procedures in designing new seminary course books, "Designing new course books in the Islamic Seminaries is carried out while preserving the old text book contents , we do not want to abandon old text books altogether," said Hujjat al-Islam Berenjkar.
2017/1/11 - 11:00
In a message The Iranian Seminaries send condolences on Ayatollah Rafsanjani's demise Prominent seminary clerics offered condolences on the demise of the head of Iranian Expediency council. "We pay tribute to his pure soul and ask God for compassion, mercy and forgiveness towards him."
2017/1/9 - 12:01
Muslim cleric warns Al Khalifah to end Sheikh Isa’s House Arrest “Bahraini rulers must be aware that any act of insult against Sheikh Isa Qassim would end in their regime’s overthrow,” said Hujjat al-Islam Mohsen Zadeh.
2017/1/8 - 17:58
Qom’s Society of Seminary Teachers released a statement; Bishop Capucci, supporter of Islamic Resistance The Society of Seminary Teachers of Qom released a message in which they expressed condolences on the demise of Hilarion Capucci, the recently-deceased Christian priest.
2017/1/8 - 10:42

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