Wednesday, April 25, 2018
Tuesday, April 24, 2018  -  8:55:49 PM
Head of seminary’s Islamic propagation and communications discussed: ۸ goals of the association of Islamic propagation Hujjat al-Islam Wa’ez Mousavi mentioned contributing to the development and deepening of Islamic humanities as the first goal of forming Islamic propagation and communications association.
Dean of Jamiat al-Zahra University: ۷۰۰۰ students from ۹۲ countries graduated from Jamiat al-Zahra “Up to this point, more than ۷۰۰۰ women from as many as ۹۲ countries worldwide have graduated from Jamiat al-Zahra Islamic University and they are organizing huge promotional activities in their own countries,” said president of the university.
2017/8/28 - 14:44
Qom's Society of Seminary Teachers condemns Kabul Mosque Attack The society of seminary teachers of Qom issued a statement in which they condemned the recent terrorists' attacks on Imam Zaman (as) Mosque in Kabul.
2017/8/27 - 16:50
Int'l Shia Studies Course kicks off in Qom, Iran The ۵th International Shia studies course kicks off in Qom, Iran on Monday; Academics and scholars from ۱۳ countries attend this event at the University of Religions and Denominations.
2017/8/21 - 15:05
Ayat. Arafi: "Seminary of Qom believes in rational interpretation of Islam" The doctrine of Qom seminary as well as Iran’s Islamic Revolution is based on a rational and moderate interpretation of Islam; True Islam fights oppression and injustice.
2017/8/20 - 21:55
Hujjat al-Islam Kouhsari: "Media plays key role in developing seminaries" Chairman of Iranian Seminaries' Office for International Relations asserting that the official media of Islamic seminaries holds a good position today, added, "Media is directly involved in all the activities and strategies defined in the Islamic seminaries of Iran and it can play a key role in the development of seminaries worldwide,"
2017/8/15 - 17:05
Qom's society of seminary teachers condemns Shia Afghan village massacre The Society of Seminary Teachers of Qom urges all Muslims to stay cautious as always in order to fight takfiri terrorists and their deviational thoughts under any title.
2017/8/14 - 10:41
President of Al-Mustafa Open University: More than ۲K students accepted into Al-Mustafa University Head of Al-Mustafa Open University presented some statistics on the new applicants of the university.
2017/8/12 - 10:37
Qom's Friday Prayer Imam: "British Shiism sowing discord among Muslims" , Custodian of Lady Masuma (sa) shrine said: "Muslims are dealing with certain problems because they have been negligent of Quranic teachings and true Islamic values. Those who propagate division among Muslim nations are an example of British Shias whose sole purpose is nothing but to sow discord among Muslim sects and nations."
2017/8/9 - 18:25
Iranian ambassador to Vatican meets with Ayat. Arafi The ambassador of Iran to Vatican met with head of Iranian seminaries Ayatollah Alireza Arafi to discuss possible ways for developing mutual cooperation with Vatican.
2017/8/9 - 11:30
Ayat. Arafi: "Scientific power, strong point of Shia seminaries" “The Islamic seminary must be social and attached to the body of society in order to realize popular demands. If our society is dealing with certain social issues, it’s the seminary’s duty to correctly address them.”
2017/8/7 - 16:15
Head of Hamburg Islamic Center condemns Clashes at Al-Aqsa Mosque "Certainly, prohibiting a group of worshippers to enter their sacred site is a manifest violation of the most basic human rights.” said Hujjat al-Islam Ramezani.
2017/8/7 - 09:36

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