Wednesday, December 13, 2017
Tuesday, December 12, 2017  -  6:30:00 PM
Senior cleric: Islamic Resistance will respond to Trump's Move "Al-Quds belongs to all Muslims and so the Axis of Islamic Resistance will vigorously respond to Trump's decision."Hujjat al-Islam Yaqubi said.
Pakistani Teachers visit Jamiat al-Zahra in Qom A group of Pakistani teachers paid a visit to Jamiat al-Zahra university in Qom on Wednesday, July ۱۹ and became familiar with different departments at this Islamic seminary school.
2017/7/19 - 15:12
President of Jamiat Al-Zahra: "More than ۵۷ thousand students graduated from Jamiat al-Zahra" Head of Jamiat al-Azahra Islamic University asserted that more than ۵۰ thousand Iranians as well as ۷۰۰۰ foreign students have so far graduated from this university in Qom, Iran.
2017/7/19 - 11:49
Hujjat al-Islam Muhammadi: "Shia-Sunni unity in Iran disappoints enemies" "Late Imam Khomeini (ra) was always concerned with the issue of Islamic unity and he used to advise Shia and Sunni Muslims to stand together," said the member of the Iranian Assembly of Experts.// "The unity of Shia and Sunni Muslims in Iran is very strong."
2017/7/18 - 15:37
Iranian cleric writes to President of Vatican Pontifical Council Head of the Islamic Research Institute at Iranian Parliament wrote a letter to President of the Vatican Pontifical Council in which he appreciated the Cardinal's recent remarks on promoting inter-religious dialogues.
2017/7/18 - 12:22
GSF chairman: Mosul liberation, victory over anti-Islamic thoughts "Victory over ISIS (or Daesh) takfiris should not just be regarded as defeating a terrorist group; rather it’s a decisive victory over radicalistic, anti-Islamic thoughts which pose a threat to all humanity," said head of the Shia Federation in Germany
2017/7/17 - 09:43
Ayatollah al-Nabulsi: "We praise Iran’s influential role in the Islamic world" "The axis of Islamic Resistance serves as a front to fight the enemies. Today, there’s no excuse for anyone to back down in this fight," said the senior Lebanese cleric.
2017/7/17 - 09:27
Hujjat al-Islam Hojjati: "Iranian missiles dominate the sky" The ill policies and strategies of our enemies will not deter the Islamic Republic said the Friday Prayer Leader of Kermanshah
2017/7/15 - 12:04
Hujjat al-Islam Kouhsari: "Iranian seminaries need a strong media network" "The Islamic seminaries need to capitalize on their media potentials in order to engage in promotional activities; we need a strong media network to introduce and promote our objectives as well as our programs," said head of Islamic Seminary’s Office for International Relations.
2017/7/13 - 16:02
Hujjat al-Islam Ramezani G۲۰ must find Practical Solutions to Terrorism "I wish that world leaders who gathered here in Hamburg for the G۲۰ summit had discussed practical ways to fight the threats of terrorism, extremism and violence worldwide."
2017/7/12 - 14:21
In a statement, Qom's Society of Seminary Teachers congratulates Mosul Liberation The Society of Seminary Teachers of Qom issued a statement in which they congratulated the Iraqi people and Shia sources of emulation on their victory over ISIS takfiri terrorists in Mosul.
2017/7/12 - 11:24
Head of Iranian Seminaries receives Lebanese Scholars; "Iran highlights Unity of Islamic Community" Ayatollah Alireza Arafi, head of Iranian Seminaries, met with a group of Lebanese Muslim scholars in Qom during which he emphasized on the unity of Islamic Ummah.
2017/7/11 - 00:30
Head of al-Mustafa Open University: "Al-Mustafa offers Online Islamic Courses in ۱۰ Languages" Hujjat al-Islam Husseini, head of al-Mustafa Open University announced the offering of new courses in humanities from October ۲۰۱۷.
2017/7/10 - 11:40