Tuesday, October 23, 2018
Thursday, August 2, 2018  -  9:15:00 PM
Spokesman of the management center of Islamic seminaries: Iran seminaries to have ۳۰۰,۰۰۰ Shia students, scholars in ۲۰۳۶ Spokesman of the management center of Iran’s Islamic seminaries asserted, “It is anticipated that in ۲۰۳۶, Iran’s seminaries will have ۳۰۰,۰۰۰ seminary students and scholars.”
The ۳rd workshop on ‘improving media literacy among seminary students’ held in Tehran Hawzah News Agency’s ۳rd workshop on ‘improving media literacy among seminary students’ was held at the Ayatollah Alam al-Huda seminary in Tehran.
2018/4/29 - 09:25
Ayat. Arafi receives Science Minister of Afghanistan “There are currently ۳۵۰۰۰ students studying at Al-Mustafa University branches in Iran and abroad since we are cooperating with more than ۱۰۰ scientific and academic institutes around the world.” Ayatollah Arafi said.
2018/4/23 - 16:42
Ayat. Faghihi: Holding Quranic competitions promotes Quranic culture in all Muslim countries Ayatollah Faghihi stressed that holding Quranic competitions promotes unity among Muslims in the world.
2018/4/19 - 19:50
Cleric: Int'l Quran Contest unites Muslim Scholars "Holding this Quranic competition in Qom as the center of Shia World indicates Qom's special attention to Quran and promoting its valuable teachings; This competition also highlights the fact that reciting Quran is considered as a great deed in Ahlubayt's (as) doctrine." said Hujjat al-Islam Rajabi.
2018/4/17 - 12:29
Ayat. Arafi: Qom ready to host annual book fair "Today, there are more than ۱۰۰ thousand foreign students learning Islamic sciences in the seminary of Qom; If we add up the number of their family members who are also living in Qom we have almost ۳۰۰ thousand foreign residents in Qom. This great potential can be used to hold international, national and provincial book fairs in Qom."
2018/4/10 - 11:31
Ayatollah Arafi calls for serious attention to ethics courses at seminary During a meeting with the deputy of moral refinement of Iran's seminaries, Ayatollah Arafi called for serious attention of seminary students to ethical and moral subjects.
2018/4/8 - 10:00
Head of seminary’s secretariat of scientific associations: ۱۹ specialized scientific associations active in Iran's seminaries Hujjat al-Islam Hajari said, "In total, we have ۱۹ specialized scientific associations with ۵۰۰۰ active members."
2018/4/4 - 23:01
Secretary general of Iran’s council of religious researchers: Gospel translated to ۲۶۰۰ languages, Quran only ۱۴۰ languages Dr. Ayat noted, “Last year, for the first time the seminary started paying more attention to learning international languages as a significant matter.”
2018/3/26 - 22:07
Fourth conf. of scientific associations of Bint al-Huda institute in Qom Head of Imam Khomeini institute for higher education emphasized the position of ethics in doing research and said, "Research should be pursued for the sake of God."
2018/3/14 - 23:30