Sunday, April 30, 2017
Conference in Memory of Grand Ayat. Milani held in Qom Many guests from various cities in Iran in addition of Dr S.F Milani who travelled from UK to participate in the conference.
2016/12/30 - 19:15
Head of Iranian Islamic Seminaries: "۴۰۰۰ Islamic scholars do research in Qom, Iran" "The present status of research projects in the Islamic Seminaries is quite promising, but one must not be satisfied with the status quo; therefore, we have set higher objectives and we're moving forward to achieve them." said head of Iranian Seminaries.
2016/12/29 - 20:05
Tunisian Scholar: "Al Saud not qualified to manage Hajj Ritual" Imam Khomeini's (ra) teachings formed the foundation of our childhood upbringing; his kindness truly influenced our lives," said head of Tunisia's Center for Islamic Research, "
2016/12/29 - 10:47
Op-Ed; Real Opportunities in Cyberspace The inherent threats of social networks are known to public, since they promote atheism and adhere to no specific cultural protocols or religious beliefs. Social networks’ destructive consequences are evident almost everywhere, in every country, city or village.
2016/12/28 - 15:47
Senior Iranian Cleric receives Chinese Muslim Leader; "Wahhabism created to fight the Basis of Islam" "The followers of Islamic sects must notice the common threat imposed by Wahhabis on the religion of Islam." said Ayatollah Javad Fazel Lankarani, ".The main purpose in creating Wahhabism has been to undermine the very core Islamic foundations
2016/12/28 - 00:18
Vienna Muslim Prayer Leader offers Christmas Greetings "Terrorism should be fully eradicated through promoting interfaith dialogue among divine religions," Head of Imam Ali Islamic Center in Vienna, Austria asserted.
2016/12/27 - 10:40
In a statement, the Society of Seminary Teachers of Qom warns the Al Khalifah Regime; Insulting Shaykh Qasim leads to Bahraini’s popular uprising The Society of Seminary Teachers of Qom released a statement on, in which they condemned Al Khalifah's recent assault on Shaykh Isa Qasim in his home.
2016/12/26 - 18:20
Iran-Vatican interfaith dialogue held; Pope hails Iran's peaceful talks with World Powers Regarding Iran's current global stature, Pope Francis reiterated that Iran's way of negotiation with the world powers has captured international attention towards conducting further peaceful talks; it has also neutralized the foreign threats imposed on the country, Pope advocates constructive negotiations among countries and he believes that nations must work towards reaching a fair and lasting global peace.
2016/12/26 - 00:05
Ayat. Araki: "Love of Ahl ul-Bayt (as), main basis of Islamic Unity" "According to Islam, the love for Prophet Muhammad (sawa) and his household (as) serves as a key factor in uniting the Islamic community and that is the only basis for unity among Muslim Ummah." said Chairman of the World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools.
2016/12/25 - 13:50
Senior Cleric meets with Lebanese & Tunisian Scholars; "Wahhabis, Agent of Zionist Regime" "Wahhabis and Zionists are parts of a whole; Wahhabis are acting on behalf of the Zionist Regime and are carrying out their plots," said a Member of the Society of Seminary Teachers of Qom. "If the Muslims do not stand up against these crimes, Wahhabis will go on to destroy the Islamic Ummah."
2016/12/25 - 01:10

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