Tuesday, August 22, 2017
Monday, August 21, 2017  -  3:05:00 PM
Int'l Shia Studies Course kicks off in Qom, Iran The ۵th International Shia studies course kicks off in Qom, Iran on Monday; Academics and scholars from ۱۳ countries attend this event at the University of Religions and Denominations.
"Iran pioneer in supporting Palestine" "The Islamic Republic of Iran has always voiced its unwavering support for Palestine and its oppressed people." said Ayatollah Mamdouhi. "The only remaining option for Palestinians is resistance against the Zionist regime and their western allies."
2017/2/23 - 15:50
Senior Iranian Cleric : ۵۰۰ Women Islamic Seminaries active in Iran “There has never been a time throughout history that Muslim clerics, especially Shia scholars, have had such a great authority in the world; as a matter of fact, the enemies’ threats towards Muslim scholars proves that they are intimidated by Shia clerics’ authority.” said Ayatollah Bushehri.
2017/2/21 - 23:43
Iranian Cleric highlights teaching Foreign Languages in Seminaries Hujjat al-Islam Golzar pointed out that English as the international language should be taught in seminary schools since it has the potential to prepare clerics for promoting divine teachings in international scale.
2017/2/19 - 10:30
Ayatollah Arafi at the Shaykh Tusi Commemoration Festival: Spreading the Divine Message needs Increased Research “Spreading the Divine Message and reaching the peak of academia needs increased efforts in the fields of research and inquiry; this matter can only be realized by increased efforts and developing competent researchers.”
2017/2/17 - 00:04
Korean Scholar attends Interfaith Talks in Univ. of Religions in Qom Head of the Institute for Religious studies in Korean Vank Wang University held some scholarly meetings at the University of Religions and Denominations in Qom, Iran.
2017/2/14 - 11:04
Head Administrator of Hawzah News Agency Creating a New Islamic Civilization; Goal and Path of the Revolution This revolution is not geographically specific, but it requires the efforts of all especially the Islamic Seminary for it to reach its intended goals
2017/2/14 - 10:44
Shia Cleric: "The World is replacing God with Mankind" "There is a dominant trend in Today's world that aims to replace God with mankind; that's why modern human sciences have replaced the divine teachings. If we introduce Islamic humanities to the world, this would serve as a sign of our belief in God." said Ayatollah Haeri Shirazi.
2017/2/13 - 13:11