Saturday, June 24, 2017
Saturday, June 24, 2017  -  4:30:00 PM
Head of Iranian Seminaries: "Supporting Islamic Resistance, Best Way to combat Israel" "The Muslim community can defeat the enemies provided that they stay united." said Ayatollah Arafi.
Interview with Head of Imam Ali (as) Islamic Center in Denmark "In ۲۰۰۱, the original idea of building the largest Shia mosque in Europe occurred to me following the process of merging some smaller Islamic centers." said Hujjat al-Islam Khademi.
2017/1/27 - 10:30
First Shia cleric to be aired on S Korean TV Hujjat al-Islam Mahdi Mansourikhah, Supervisor of the Korean Language courses at al-Mustafa International University in Iran, participaterd in a TV documentary produced by a Korean Broadcasting , making him the first Shia cleric ever to be aired on South Korean TV.
2017/1/25 - 20:00
Georgian Grand Mufti: Islamic Unity must be promoted “Georgia is considered as a Christian country, but the other religious minorities are living together peacefully in Georgia; there is also great cooperation in organizing religious ceremonies in our country,” “I’d like to offer the Georgian president’s message of condolence on the recent tragedy of the Plasco building collapse in Tehran to the people of Iran, scholars as well as the Iranian government.”
2017/1/24 - 21:49
Senior Official in Iranian Islamic Seminaries: Islamic Seminaries publish ۲۵۰۰ papers annually "As many as ۱۴۰ publications plus ۲۵۰۰ scientific papers are released in Iranian seminaries every year. The number of seminary publications is substantial and they include fine works," said deputy of research at the Iranian seminaries.
2017/1/23 - 18:05
Head of Isra Int'l Foundation: "Extremism originated from misinterpreting Islam" "According to divine teachings, there's a way to establish a new world order based on an original civilization and constructive dialogues." said the secretary of the scientific commission of the International conference of cultural dialogues between Iran and the Arab.
2017/1/23 - 13:13
Tunisian Scholar: Arab World’s ties with Iran “Strategic” Iran and the Arab World have strategic and influential ties since there are common features between them,” said Head of Tunisia’s Mosarat Institute. “Such international talks could lead us to free our nations from the Neo-colonialism. “
2017/1/22 - 19:15
Hujjat al-Islam Najaf Lakzayi: Moderation, Rationality; ‘Solution’ to Problems in Muslim World “The radical behaviors and extremism currently being carried out in the name of Islam are caused by internal and external factors; it’s the scholars’ and intellectual’s duty to find a solution to this crisis,” said Deputy of Research at the Islamic Propagations Office in Qom.
2017/1/22 - 13:45
Dean of the University of Religions and Denominations in Qom: Iran-Arab ties rooted in Islamic Civilization Dean of the University of Religions and Denominations in Qom urged Iran and the Arab world to restore their historic unity and cohesion based on Islamic civilization. “The solution to all these modern day problems is to return to original .Islamic and Quranic teachings."
2017/1/22 - 13:39
Cleric: Imam Khomeini Humiliated the West "The reality of the West is different from what is depicted in Hollywood or other media networks." said a member of the Iranian Assembly of Experts. "The philosophy of war and confrontation with enemies must be extracted from Islamic sources and introduced to the Public."
2017/1/21 - 21:30