Wednesday, October 18, 2017
Wednesday, October 18, 2017  -  2:35:00 PM
Top Shia Cleric: Iran, US disputes won’t end in friendship “There used to be times when people believed our disputes with US administration will be resolved and our disagreements would lead to friendship and opportunities to develop our ties; but as time went on, it became apparent to all that US government cannot tolerate Iran’s strength and advancements. This has become known to all people today.” said Grand Ayatollah Makarem.
Ayatollah Khamenei: "The liberation of Aleppo completely ruined U.S. calculations in region" "The case of Aleppo was so important that it completely changed and ruined all calculations of the US, Saudi Arabia, and others in Syria; as a result the defenders didn’t give their blood for nothing".
2017/8/14 - 17:45
Hezbollah leader says Israel not able to wage new war on Lebanon The secretary general of the Lebanese Hezbollah movement says Israel is not able to launch a new war on Lebanon.
2017/8/14 - 09:31
Top Iraqi cleric: Division weakens Muslim community Groups of Iranian seminary scholars as well as Iraqi citizens separately met with senior Shia cleric Grand Ayatollah Bashir al-Najafi and listened to his guidelines.
2017/8/12 - 11:20
In meeting with Chairman of Pakistan Senate; Senior cleric: Extremist, Takfiri thoughts threaten security of region It is necessary to prevent the spread of extremist and Takfiri thoughts in the Islamic society and we should know that these thoughts threaten the security of the region’s nations," said the Grand Custodian of Astan Quds Razavi.
2017/8/11 - 19:35
Saudi Arabia sentences senior Shia clergyman to ۱۳ years in prison A court in Saudi Arabia has sentenced distinguished Shia cleric Ayatollah Sheikh Hussein al-Radhi to ۱۳ years in prison as the Riyadh regime presses ahead with its heavy-handed crackdown on members of the religious community.
2017/8/11 - 18:50
Leader offers condolences on cleric’s demise Leader of the Islamic Revolution offered his condolences over the demise of senior cleric Hojat-ol-Islam Ali Asghar Morvarid.
2017/8/10 - 11:13
Iranian clerics: "Hajj a key to unify Muslims and to spread Islam" Iranian prayer leader from southern port city of Bandar Abbas stressed the important role of Hajj congregation in unifying the world of Islam calling the annual ritual as a mission. Also, prayer leader of Qeshm Island called Hajj pilgrimage as an opportunity to spread original Islamic thoughts.
2017/8/9 - 10:51
Ayatollah Araki: "All the current problems and setbacks stem in dispersion" ""The identity of the Islamic society represents, in actual fact, the personality of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)," stressed the Secretary General of the World Forum for Proximity of the Islamic Schools of Thought. // "All the current problems and setbacks stem in dispersion,"
2017/8/6 - 14:39
Grand Ayatollah al-Najafi: "Enemies are seeking conspiracies against Islam" "Our youth and officials must be careful about the imported and foreign ideas since some enemies are seeking conspiracies against Islam and Iraq," said senior Iraqi cleric. //The fight against ISIS (or Daesh) terrorists must also continue on the battle fields until they're totally destroyed."
2017/8/5 - 18:15
Ayatollah Imami Kashani: "Enemies dissatisfied with Iran's progress" Tehran’s interim Friday prayer leader said Iranian officials should pay due attention to the country's economic and cultural issues.
2017/8/5 - 10:44
Grand Ayat. Makarem Shirazi: "Saudi Arabia Birthplace of Takfirism" "If you want you to save your face around the world, you need to stop supporting takfiri terrorists." said Grand Ayatollah Makarem.
2017/8/5 - 10:38
Ayatollah Khamenei formally endorses Rouhani as Iran's President Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has formally endorsed Hassan Rouhani as president, paving the way for him to take office for a second term as the head of Iran’s ۱۲th administration.
2017/8/3 - 17:53