Wednesday, December 13, 2017
Tuesday, December 12, 2017  -  2:55:17 PM
Ayat. Hakim urges Muslim minorities worldwide to hold religious ceremonies "Immigrant Muslim minorities must pay special attention to holding religious ceremonies on different occasions since taking part in such gatherings promote kindness and brotherhood among Muslims worldwide."
Grand Ayat. Sobhani: Myanmar rulers oppose logic of Islam "Myanmar rulers and authorities displace the Muslim community because those rulers oppose the fundamental doctrine and logic of Islam," said the senior Shia scholar. He added, "The chance given to infidels by Allah Almighty is finite and they will see their retribution."
2017/11/1 - 10:50
Grand Ayat. Makarem Shirazi urges Scientific, Cultural works to defend Shia “Today, we must make effort to inform the world about the role of Shia Islam in developing sciences. We must introduce the world to true identity of Shia and Shia contribution to modern science.”
2017/10/31 - 16:01
Head of the Islamic Research Center at Iranian Parliament explained: Common ideas of Islam and Hinduism Hujjat al-Islam Moballeghi said, “Identifying common ideological and behavioral elements between religions is an infrastructural endeavor that paves the way for meaningful and serious dialogues among followers of different religions.”
2017/10/27 - 00:00
Saudi Hadith Complex Ploy to Spread Wahhabism A senior Lebanese Shia scholar described a plan for creation of a “complex’ for Prophet’s Hadith” in Saudi Arabia as a scheme to distort Islam and spread Wahhabism.
2017/10/25 - 21:30
Ayatollah Khamenei: "The ability of our defense non-negotiable, not to be bargained"  Supreme Leader of the Revolution emphasized: Today our fight with the arrogant powers is over their desire to dominate our region.// We have previously declared, and once again we declare that the defense capabilities of the country are non-negotiable and not to be bargained for!
2017/10/25 - 17:12
Sheikh Naeem Qassim: "He who interacts with Israel is a hireling"  Deputy of Lebanon’s Hezbollah resistance movement rejected any interaction with Israel as unacceptable saying that anyone cooperative with the illegal regime is a hack. He added: "Washington destroyed Syria in an attempt to create the greater Middle East and disintegrate the region." 
2017/10/24 - 15:40
“Quran and Morality” Theme of Iranian Scholar’s Speech in Germany Hakimeh Dabiran, an eminent Iranian researcher and scholar, presented speeches on Quran and morality in Berlin and Hamburg, Germany.
2017/10/23 - 00:00
Takfiris misusing companions of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) (Head of Islamic Human Rights Commission related on different aspects of British Shia slamming Takfiri groups for abusing the companions of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh.
2017/10/22 - 22:10
In a meeting with the head of Iranian seminaries; Ayat. Sobhani: Wahhabism, the main enemy of Shia The senior cleric described Wahhabism as the main enemy of Shia. He also emphasized the importance and position of the Qom Seminary and stated, “Shias of the world have put their hope in Qom Islamic Seminary.
2017/10/22 - 07:11
Ayatollah Sistani calls for safety of Kurds Iraqi top jurist, Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, has called on the government to protect Kurdish people as tension simmers between Baghdad and the secessionist KRG.
2017/10/21 - 15:46
Supreme Leader allocates $۳۰۰,۰۰۰ for assisting Myanmar’s Rohingya Supreme Leader allocated a total of ۱۰ billion rials to the assistance for Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar. Iranian officials have repeatedly voiced readiness to construct emergency camps and field hospitals for the refugees on Bangladesh's border with Myanmar.
2017/10/18 - 17:11
Ayatollah Khamenei: "Iran will rip nuclear deal to pieces if other party tears it up" Leader of the Islamic Revolution has warned that Iran will cut the nuclear deal with six world powers into shreds if the other party chooses to tear it up. Ayatollah .Khamenei further denounced Trump’s latest insults against the Iranian nation
2017/10/18 - 16:20