Wednesday, December 13, 2017
Tuesday, December 12, 2017  -  2:55:17 PM
Ayat. Hakim urges Muslim minorities worldwide to hold religious ceremonies "Immigrant Muslim minorities must pay special attention to holding religious ceremonies on different occasions since taking part in such gatherings promote kindness and brotherhood among Muslims worldwide."
Ayatollah Arafi: "Arbaeen march led to ISIS defeat in Iraq, Syria" “Arbaeen pilgrimage has truly become a manifestation of unity and brotherhood within Muslim community so much that even followers of other religions have been drawn to it and attend the ceremony alongside Shia Muslims," said head of Iran’s Islamic seminaries
2017/11/6 - 13:26
Leader makes new selections in Iran's Army Leader of the Islamic Revolution has made new appointments in high command of the Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
2017/11/6 - 04:00
Ayatollah Movahedi Kermani: Silence in the face of arrogance would spread corruption "Europe’s cooperation with the US is a sign of betrayal," pointed out Ayatollah Movahedi Kermani addressing worshipers during Tehran weekly Friday Prayers..
2017/11/4 - 22:25
Ayat. Arafi attends ۱۳th Aban Rallies; Iranian youth aware of US hostile policies “This massive presence by Iranian youth in nationwide rallies showed the world our people are vigilant when it comes to US hostile policies toward Iran and that they will never surrender in the face of enemy.” said Ayatollah Alireza Arafi.
2017/11/4 - 21:28
Hujjat al-Islam Husseini Kouhsari: A comprehensive approach be adopted in the concept of resistance Head of Iran’s Islamic Seminary's office for International Relations stated, “Building the culture of resistance is a key issue and requires the formation of a secretariat composed of elites and scholars of the Islamic world.”
2017/11/2 - 20:37
Ayatollah Khamenei: Anyone who placed hope in the US was struck down Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution dubbed the younger generations 'pioneers of society', who could push society forward. Ayatollah Khamenei added, "Historical experience, including what happened to Dr. Mosadegh, proves that, beyond doubt, the US does not even treat those who place their trust in them mercifully."
2017/11/2 - 17:19
Ayatollah Khamenei suggests, Iran and Russia remove USD in economic transactions The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution met with the Russian president this afternoon (Wednesday). He referred to the great experience of cooperation between Iran and Russia, on the issue of Syria, by stating: "Results from this cooperation prove that Tehran and Moscow can achieve common goals in difficult arenas."
2017/11/2 - 11:19
Sayyed Nasrallah Phones Islamic Jihad Leader: Hezbollah stands by Palestinian Resistance in face of Zionist aggression Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah stressed that the party stands by the resistance movements in Palestine, denouncing the recent Zionist aggression on Gaza.
2017/11/2 - 01:00
The ۲nd meeting of Intl. Union of Resistance Scholars kicks off in Beirut The second meeting of International Union of Resistance Scholars kicked off today in Beirut, Lebanon. Over ۷۰۰ senior Shia and Sunni scholars from ۸۰ countries are attending the two-day conference that is held on the ۱۰۰th anniversary of the UK-backed ۱۹۱۷ Balfour Declaration.
2017/11/1 - 19:00
Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Khamenei receives Russia’s Putin Russian President Vladimir Putin, who is in Tehran for trilateral meeting of Iran, Russia, and Azerbaijan, met with Ayatollah Khamenei, the Leader of the Islamic Republic Iran.
2017/11/1 - 18:10
Grand Ayat. Makarem issues message to Arbaeen pilgrims "Arbaeen pilgrimage is considered as a great Islamic gathering worldwide therefore we must thank Iraqi officials for their efforts in providing service to foreign pilgrims." he said in his statement.
2017/11/1 - 14:35
Ayatollah Khamenei: Different methods of fighting against the usurper Zionist Regime I recommend all individuals, who feel the importance of this great responsibility, to continue different methods of fighting against the usurper Zionist Regime," "said the Leader of the Islamic Revolution.
2017/11/1 - 13:17