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Book introduction:
"Forty Hadiths" by Ayatollah Khomeini
Forty Hadiths is a book written by Imam Khomeini, in which he has studied and described forty traditions include the ethical and mystical issues.

Hawzah News Agency - The compilation and descriptions of 40 hadiths is a matter that many religious scholars have paid attention to. This practice is rooted in Shia and Sunni traditions.

Imam Khomeini is also one of those who paid attention to this work. “Forty Hadiths” is one of his precious moral and mystical works, written in 1318.



In this book, the author has collected forty traditions of the infallibles from the book Osul Al-Kafi, in an expansive, expressive and effective manner.

The forty traditions are as follows:



First Hadith: Jihad of The Self/ Second Hadith: Ostentation (Riya')/ Third Hadith: Self-Conceit ('Ujb)/ Fourth Hadith: Pride (Kibr)/ Fifth Hadith: Envy (Hasad)/ Sixth Hadith: Love of the World/ Seventh Hadith: Anger (Ghadhab)/ Eighth Hadith: Prejudice ('Asabiyyah)/ Ninth Hadith: Hypocrisy (Nifaq)/ Tenth Hadith: Desire and Hope/ Eleventh Hadith: Man’s God-Seeking Nature/ Twelfth Hadith: Contemplation (Tafakkur)/ Thirteenth Hadith: Trust In God (Tawakkul)/ Fourteenth Hadith: Fear of God/ Fifteenth Hadith: The Believer's Trials And Tribulations/ Sixteenth Hadith: Patience (Sabr)/ Seventeenth Hadith: Repentance (Tawbah)/ Eighteenth Hadith: Remembrance Of God/ Nineteenth Hadith: Backbiting (Ghibah)/ Twentieth Hadith: Pure Intention (Ikhlas)/ Twenty-First Hadith: Thankfulness (Shukr)/ Twenty-Second Hadith: The Aversion For Death/ Twenty-Third Hadith: The Seekers Of Knowledge/ Twenty Fourth Hadith: The Classification Of Sciences/ Twenty-Fifth Hadith: Satanic Insinuation/ Twenty Sixth Hadith: The Pursuit Of Knowledge/ Twenty-Seventh Hadith: Prayer And Concentration/ Twenty-Eighth Hadith: Meeting God/ Twenty-Ninth Hadith: The Prophet's Counsel To 'Ali/ Thirtieth Hadith: The Kinds of Hearts/ Thirty-First Hadith: The Indescribability of God, The Prophet, And The Imams/ Thirty-Second Hadith: Conviction In Faith/ Thirty-Third Hadith: Wilayah And Works/ Thirty-Fourth Hadith: The Station of The Faithful Before God/ Thirty-Fifth Hadith: God And Man, Good And Evil/ Thirty-Sixth Hadith: The Attributes Of God/ Thirty-Seventh Hadith: The Knowledge Of God/ Thirty-Eighth Hadith: The Meaning Of God’s Creation Of Adam In His Image/ Thirty-Ninth Hadith: Good And Evil/ Fortieth Hadith: Exegesis of Surat Al-Tawhid and Some Verses of Surat Al-Hadid

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