Tuesday, June 25, 2019
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Senior Afghan Shia cleric passes away
Ayatollah Qorbanali Kaboli, an Afghan Shia source of emulation, died at the age of ۹۱.

Hawzah News Agency (Kabul, Afghanistan) - Ayatollah Kaboli, who resided in Iran’s holy city of Qom, died on Tuesday morning.

He was born in 1928 into a religious family in Parwan province, near the Afghan capital of Kabul.

At the age of 7, he started learning the Quran and Persian reading and then Islamic teachings and Arabic literature.

Kaboli continued his religious education in Kabul and then left for the holy city of Najaf, Iraq, to study at the prestigious seminary there.

He wrote various books on religious studies, including on Fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence).

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