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Malaysian mosque welcomes non-Muslims for buka puasa event
Buka pausa brought together all communities from different backgrounds and races for the second time in Melaka, Malaysia

Hawzah News Agency (Melaka, Malaysia) - Just like the fruit acar (pickle) that was served at the buka puasa event, the attendees mixed well with one another despite coming from different backgrounds.

"We cherish our friends from all races. And we hope politicians won’t try to break us up," said Azlan Osman, who is head of the Batang Tiga Village Community Management Council.



He noted the good response from locals here for the event recently which was held inside a hall at Masjid Al-Aminin here, saying that there were representatives from a Chinese temple, Christians and Hindus.

In an interview, Azlan said that the mosque management wanted him to organise such events and he was prepared to do so.



The pickle, he said, was sent by Min­ister in the Prime Minister's Dep­­art­ment P. Waytha Moorthy.

"The pickle was finished within minutes," he said, referring to the popularity of the dish.Financial aid was also given out to dozens of hardcore poor folk during the event.



Azlan said his community council would hold more events like this including in villages within his jurisdiction.

Neighbours from various religious backgrounds would be invited, he said.



“We want unity to flourish like the good old days,” he added.

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