Tuesday, June 25, 2019
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The chairman of al-Nujaba’s Political Board:
Milking the Saudi Arabia, the US will kill it/ formation of the “Construction Forces” proposed to the Iraqi government
Criticizing the negative part played by the Saudi rulers in the regional developments, al-Asadi announced the proposal given by al-Nujaba Islamic Resistance to the government of Iraq on the formation of “Construction Forces” for resolving the problems of the people.

Hawzah News Agency (Baghdad, Iraq) - The chairman of al-Nujaba’s Political Board, talking to al-Nujaba TV channel, elaborated on the latest positions and approaches of the Movement.

Pointing to the significant part played by al-Nujaba in the frustration of the plan made by the US for the Middle East, Hujjat al-Islam Ali al-Asadi said, “currently, the enemies have resorted to the media warfare, and having called al-Nujaba a terrorist group, they are attempting to take revenge of us for the defeat of the ISIS”.

He commended the generously invaluable helps of the Islamic Republic to the Iraqi nation during the battle against the Takfiri terrorism, and then described the Iranian political system as powerful and firm never debilitated by the threats of the US and evil warmongering attempts made by the Zionist and Saudi Regimes.

The chairman of al-Nujaba’s political Board added, “although enemies have attempted to crumble Iran through war and sanctions for ۴۰ years, they have failed. Their military option will also bear them no fruit, and such attempts will finally lead to the reinforcement of the Islamic Republic and the debilitation of the enemies”.

Al-Asadi also criticized the Saudi Regime for playing a negative part in the regional developments and then reiterated, “milking this lactating cow, the US will cut its head”.

In another part of the interview, he stressed that the first priority of al-Nujaba Islamic Resistance is the Iraqi affairs, and despite the multiple requests made by the political activists, the Movement prefers serving people and fighting against corruption to the involvement in the electoral and factional competitions”.

The top-rank member of the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces then announced that al-Nujaba Islamic Movement has proposed the formation of the “Construction Forces” to the government of Iraq for resolving the several problems experienced by the people.

Expressing displeasure over the life-welfare conditions of the Iraqi people, Sheikh Ali al-Asadi recommended the Iraqi governmental officials and politicians to focus their powers on the fight against corruption and resolving the problem of deprivation instead of reliance on the US, the enemy of Iraq.

He further voiced the cooperation of the al-Nujaba with the government in alleviating the shortages and maximum serving of the Iraqi citizens.



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