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Muslim children are being wrongly reported as terrorists by their teachers
Muslim children, some as young as four-years-old, are being wrongly reported as terrorists by their teachers. Several students have been reported by teachers fearing they are radicalized

Hawzah News Agency (Canberra, Australia) – Teachers across Australia are being trained to spot extremist behavior in their students as a way to tackle radicalization in schools.

But experts are concerned about the effectiveness of this technique as teachers are not being properly trained to pick up on extremist behavior, and are misreporting children.

A Year 12 Canberra student who was one week away from his exams was confronted by two Australian Federal Police officers for his essay about Muslim terrorists and western intervention.

The Muslim student had also travelled to the Horn of Africa to donate sporting equipment to children in need.

His teacher had informed police saying there was fear that he might be radicalized.

The teenager was questioned but was not charged. This left him scarred and affected his grades.

Dr Clarke Jones, a criminologist from the Australian National University said he read the Muslim student's essay and said there was nothing indicating that he was radicalized. 

He said teachers are not trained well enough and lack the expertise to be able to identify whether or not students are at risk of being radicalized.  

'When a person is confronted by police it automatically creates this thinking: "What have I done wrong? This is embarrassing, who has seen the police come to the door? Am I in trouble? Will I go to jail?".

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