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The relief convoy of al-Nujaba entered Iran + photos
Today, the relief convoy of the Iraqi al-Nujaba movement, headed and accompanied by the deputy secretary general of the movement, including more than one hundred vehicles of relief and constructional aids, entering Iran from Mehran border, set off to the flood-stricken regions.

Hawzah News Agency(Mehran border, Iran) - According to the report of al-Nujaba's Centre for Relations and Media in Iran, the aid convoy sent by al-Nujaba Islamic Resistance for the flood victims, entered Islamic Republic of Iran from Mehran border.

Haj Nasr ash-Shammari, the chairman of al-Nujaba Executive Council, and the directors of al-Nujaba representative offices in different provinces of Iraq accompany the aid convoy of the Movement sent for the flood-stricken people.



The relief convoy of Al-Nujaba Islamic Resistance, entering Iran, was welcomed by the Friday Prayer Leader of Mehran, Hujjat al-Islam Sayyed Abdullah Amini, the commander of Amir al-Mumenin Corps of Ilam, Colonel Jamal Shakrami, the commander of corps of Mehran District, Lieutenant Colonel Roohollah Javidan, the commander of Mehran Border Legion, Colonel Ahmadreza Hatami, and the governor of Mehran, Nizam Malekshahi.

The said aids, collected through the call of al-Nujaba Islamic Resistance, issued by the representative offices of the movement based in different provinces of Iran, is going to be sent to the provinces of Khuzestan and Lorestan.




Besides distributing the aid packages, including essential goods and highly required materials, the relief convoy of al-Nujaba is to conduct some aiding operation establishing Mokebs (retinues), and dispatching the Jihadi teams to unblock passages.

Other programs of the movements in Lorestan and Khuzestan provinces include; restoration and construction of mosques, schools and Hussayniahs.



It is noteworthy that, on the early days of the new solar year, when floods struck some areas in Iran, al-Nujaba Islamic Resistance and some other groups of the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces, with the slogan of "You helped us when we were under the fire, and now that you are hit by floods, its turn to help you", soon showed their sympathy with the Iranian people. 











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