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Carlisle Islamic centre is building friendships and bridges
Carlisle’s Islamic community celebrated in style, by welcoming people into their mosque.

Hawzah News Agency (Carlisle, UK)- An open invitation had been offered to the public, giving people the chance to see first hand what actually happens in a mosque and why they do things a certain way. It was the first ever open day for the Islamic Centre, and it was a hit, with more than 60 visitors coming through the doors for the first session.

The day was hosted at the mosque on Brook Street, Carlisle, and people had the chance to learn how to write in Arabic, get a henna tattoo and find out why the men and women really pray in different areas.

Volunteers gave guided tours of the centre explaining to visitors that shoes needed to be removed as they liked it to stay clean inside. Children had their own area where they’re able to play and learn.

Men and women also have their own space so, when they come to pray, they have no outside distractions.

The Imam -worship leader of a mosque- Abdur Rashid said: “ This day has been organized since January, it’s been something we have wanted to do for a long time, its just been confidence that has been stopping us and organizational skills.

”The Islamic centre have been working with a number of different organizations to help people learn what their religion stands for and why they do things the way they do.

Mosque leader Abdur was available to answer any questions people had, including the difference in religions saying: “Our basic belief system is the same, but our peculiar intricacies are slightly different for example the belief system of one god it unites us, the belief of an after life is unanimous but, we pray five times a day, others might pray three times or once a day, others on a Friday and some on a Sunday but we have the same belief.

”Hoping to give people insight and knowledge about Islam and the centre he answered any questions people had, Mr Rashid said: “Today has been what we hope for a friendly atmosphere, uplifting, heart warming, a real appreciation from the community.

”'We have really built friendships and bridges.

”Fatima Ghanem, who was writing Arabic for visitors said: “It’s been a good day, getting awareness out there and to tell people what Islam is like and for people in the community to get an idea of what it is like. We want to show people what we are as a community and what we’re all about.

”The leader of the mosque wants to host more open days so the community can come into the centre and celebrate their religious days.


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