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Court in Sanaa sentences to death a convicted in killing worshipers at Sanhan's Mosque
The Specialized Criminal Court of the capital Sanaa on Saturday sentenced to death the convicted of killing four people and injuring others in the Haidan Mosque in Sanhan district in Sanaa province.

Hawzah News Agency - (Sanna - Yemen) - In the session held today under the chairmanship of Judge Mohamed Mofleh and in the presence of the prosecutor Yasser Al-Fadhli, the sentence ordered to execute the convicted Khaled Ahmed Ahmed al-Sayedi shot dead in a public place in the presence of the media for the laid crime he committed and the laid manner in which he conducted during executing the crime.

The following victims were killed: Muhammad Ahmad Saleh al-Jaid, Abdullah Ali Abdullah al-Hawati, Abdul Qawi Abdullah Ahmad al-Jaid and Ali Ahmad Hussein Hudwain.

The court ordered the sentenced person to pay the costs for other victims estimated in the medical reports concern them, hand over two million Riyals to the families of the four victims and confiscate the crime instrument.

The criminal prosecution sentenced the convicted to 36 years in prison.

The convicted was charged with throwing two bombs and firing shots while the worshipers were in the mosque of Haidan in the village of Sarawah in Bani Bahloul, Sanaa province, to perform Maghrib prayer, which resulted in the killing of four worshipers and injuring eleven worshipers.

The accusation stated that the perpetrator inflicted material damage on the mosque, disturbed the general tranquility and scared the worshipers.

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