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Plans to build first mosque in Skegness move one step closer
SMC was set up in ۲۰۱۵ with the goal of bringing believers of Islam a place to worship as well as creating a place for the youth to be educated and an opportunity to bring the whole community together through events and gatherings.

Hawzah News Agency (Lincolnshire, UK) - Plans have been unveiled to build a mosque in Skegness.

The seaside town’s Muslim community has been campaigning to help raise the funds needed for the project, which would include meeting rooms and a community centre.

And now it appears it could be a step closer after the group behind the project, Skegness Central Mosque [SCM] secured land in Roman Bank.

A member of the group told BBC Radio Lincolnshire: “Everybody would use it every day plus there are lots of holidaymakers coming to Skegness looking for a mosque.

“It would be for everyone not just the Muslim people.

“There is a community centre that can welcome them as well. It is open for everybody.”

The nearest mosque for Muslims is 25 miles away, which the group say makes it difficult to perform daily prayers together.

At the moment, many attend a session at a hired-out community hall for Friday prayer.

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