Friday, May 24, 2019
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Pennsylvania school board president removed for anti-Muslim Facebook posts
A Pennsylvania school board who is running as a Republican candidate, has removed as president of school board over anti-Muslim posts on Facebook.

Hawzah News Agency (Pennsylvania, US) – A Pennsylvania school board has voted to remove its president over anti-Muslim posts on Facebook. Old Forge School Board voted 5-3 Thursday to remove Frank Scavo as president.


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Scavo says he will not resign from the board entirely, and that the vote was “retribution” and “political bullying.”

Scavo’s posts on his personal Facebook page portrayed Muslims as terrorists and rapists. He later took down the page and said the posts were “all in poor taste.”

Former board Vice President Jenna Jones Shotwell says the posts violated a “district core value” in embracing diversity. She will replace Scavo as president.

Scavo is running as a Republican candidate in a special election for a vacant seat in the state House.



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