Monday, May 27, 2019
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Guests welcomed to ask questions of Dewsbury Mosques as part of community initiative
The doors of Mosques across North Kirklees are to be thrown open wide to guests from all walks of life this weekend.

Hawzah News Agency (Dewsbury, UK) –The ‘Visit My Mosque Day’ initiative aims to bring sections of the community together by answering questions and dispelling myths about the beliefs and practices of the Muslim faith. 

It’s a programme driven by The Peace Institute, who kicked it off in 2015 and has had great success. The day will feature tours of the Mosques themselves, refreshments and the opportunity to observes Wudhu - ritual washing - and prayers. Local luminaries including Mayor of Kirklees Gwen Lowe are expected to visit a handful of the Mosques on the day itself, Saturday. Moulana Maqbool, Imam at the Darul Ilm Mosque in Thornhill Lees said: “We have a packed programme in English with many sessions to suit subjects related to a variety of questions and hope this will be the start of a number of events rather than a one-off. “We welcome the community to come and join us to ask any questions - and we mean any questions - and discuss ways we can improve our relationships across the community. We very much see this as a beginning for a new era in our community relationships.” Guests will be welcomed to the Darul Ilm Mosque from 3pm.

Halima Hossain of The Peace Institute said: “We are delighted at the level of interest in this event."

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