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Muslim women can rent 'wagara' hijabs to match kimonos in Japan
Kyoto is particularly rich with opportunities to rent kimonos, and rental shops catering to tourists continue to open around the city.

Hawzah News Agency (Kyoto, Japan) - For many female tourists visiting Japan from abroad, renting a beautiful kimono for a photo shoot or to enjoy a leisurely stroll in a traditional Japanese neighborhood, a Japanese garden or perhaps on the grounds of a famous temple or shrine is a popular activity, and one which truly allows them to get a sense of experiencing the best of Japanese culture.


Catering to Muslim Tourists

Kimono rental shop Yumeyakata in Kyoto understood that Muslim women could enjoy the experience even more if their hijabs did not clash or stand out in contrast with the kimonos they were renting. Therefore, as a new item available in their shop, they have begun renting out specially made hijabs printed in wagara (Japanese pattern) designs which perfectly match their kimonos.


Wagara Hijab Rentals

Yumeyakata already has a lineup of 20 wagara hijabs in patterns appropriate for the spring season such as sakura (cherry blossom) or yukiwa (snow ring), and expect to have an additional 50 designs and fabrics including lace for their summer lineup. Staff members are on hand to help customers coordinate their kimonos and wagara hijabs to their liking.

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