Monday, April 22, 2019
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Peace, friendship message of Islamic Republic: Military spokesman
An Iranian military official addressed all the countries of the world that the message of the Islamic Republic of Iran is not war and bloodshed, but peace and friendship.

Hawzah News Agency (Tehran, Iran) - Spokesman of the Iranian Armed Forces Abolfazl Shekarchi made the remarks on Sunday, “The Islamic Republic of Iran produces any equipment that needs to defend the country, and does not need permission of any one.”

He stated that whatever the revolution is going through, the Islamic Republic of Iran becomes more powerful than before, adding, 'Today, in the field of defense-security and defense self-sufficiency, we are at the height of power and we are present as a powerful country in the region and in the world.'

The senior spokesman for the armed forces, reminding that 'we can easily defend the interests of the country and the holy system of the Islamic Republic of Iran', said, 'We declare to the whole world and the countries of the region that the message of Iran is not war and bloodshed, but peace and friendship.”

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