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World Hijab day: activists, Lamu women want ruling on Muslim veil reviewed
World Hijab Day was marked on Friday with Muslims at the Coast joining in the commemoration of the occasion themed 'Breaking stereotypes and shattering boundaries.

Hawzah News Agency (Lamu, Nigeria) - On January 24, the Supreme Court overturned a ruling by the Court of Appeal that allowed Muslims to wear hijabs in non-Muslim schools.

Hijab is a veil which Muslim girls and women use to cover their heads and necks.

Lobby group Muslims for Human Rights (Muhuri) held a procession in Lamu.

They discussed the impact of the ruling and told women it is their constitutional right to respect the practices of their faith.

Muhuri Lamu field officer Umulkheir Ahmed said the Constitution provides for freedom of worship.

"The law allows us to manifest our religion through worship and observance," she said.

Women in Lamu want the ruling, which was overturned on technicalities, challenged.

Ahmed said the rights of Muslim girls will be violated if schools ban the hijab.

She said there is increasing discrimination against hijab-wearing Muslims.

Lamu West education officer Rukia Gilgil said education policies must respect an individual's faith.

"The powers bestowed to the schools' board of management shouldn’t contravene the Constitution," she said.

In a rare occasion in Lamu, female madrassa teachers and students came out protest the ban.



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