Tuesday, April 23, 2019
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Peace and unity on agenda at Hillingdon mosque’s inter-faith dinner
Religious and community leaders from across Hillingdon gathered on Saturday at the Baitul Amn Mosque in Royal Lane for a New Year dinner.

Hawzah News Agency (London, UK) - This is an annual event organised by the Muslim Community of Hillingdon, with the central theme "fundamentals of establishing lasting peace".

Among more than 100 guests was the Mayor of Hillingdon, Cllr John Morgan, the chair of Hillingdon Council of Christians and Jews, the Rev Wendy Graham, and the Chair of Churches Together in Uxbridge, Gerard Farrell.

Imam  was invited by church leaders to answer questions about Islam and to remove misconceptions.

The mayor urged civic and faith leaders to organise more inter-faith events, to increase awareness and understanding of each other’s beliefs.

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