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Councillor backs Muslim mums who accused school of 'promoting homosexuality'
A councillor has called for peace talks between protesting Muslim parents and a school 'promoting homosexuality' but stated: "The children are too young."

Hawzah News Agency (Birmingham, UK) - Labour councillor Mohammed Idrees - who represents Alum Rock - has told Parkfield Community School it must listen to concerns being raised.

Assistant headteacher Andrew Moffat MBE continues to pilot what's known as No Outsiders - a programme run alongside sex and relationship education (SRE) lessons at Parkfield. Storybooks being read by pupils in class include King & King and Mommy, Mama and Me - tales about same-sex relationships and marriages.

But Mr Moffat - who is openly gay - and the No Outsiders programme has come under fire from some Muslim parents who condemn such teachings, as homosexuality is strictly forbidden in Islam.

Teachings of equality and LGBT acceptance in society has resulted in some parents - including mum-of-three Fatima Shah - taking their children out until lessons are scrapped or drastically changed.However, following upheaval outside of the school gates in Saltley this week, Coun Idrees is now calling for peace talks between parents and staff.

Speaking to BirminghamLive, the devout Muslim said: "We will have a meeting with the school.

  I think this is important."I know about the issue and, with it being a predominantly Muslim school, the sensitivities of the parents must be discussed.

"The school has to bare in mind it is a predominantly Muslim school."I've had a lot of e-mails and parents are not very happy. The school needs to be careful.

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