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Islamic leader urges promotion of religious tolerance
South Sudanese should promote religious tolerance and embrace peace and reconciliation in order to achieve stability in the country, a top Islamic cleric has advised.


Hawzah News Agency - Speaking on Radio Tamazuj’s Peace and Reconciliation programme, the Secretary General of South Sudan’s Islamic Council Abdallah Barac said the Muslim community should embrace the national dialogue initiative President Salva Kiir announced in December 2016.

“We, as Islamic Council generally, have been supporting the government to promote national unity. We have been always calling on the people to be united and avoid divisions based on ethnicity, tribe and conflict among Muslims and Christians,” said Barac.

The Islamic body, he said, is working with other religious leaders in the country to unite the people of South Sudan, and urged men and women in the country to promote religious tolerance in order to achieve lasting peace.

According to Barac, Muslim clerics in South Sudan are working in close coordination with members of South Sudan Council of Churches to promote national unity and respect among the people.

He further said South Sudan should be a society where Muslims and Christian communities live in peace and harmony.

“Tribalism is a real problem in the country and this is a big challenge for religious leaders. For us as Muslims, we encourage our worshipers to focus on their religion as the center of their lives. They should be patriotic to their country and respect the human life,” said Barac.

He, however, stressed that they will continue promoting peace among communities in South Sudan.

Most South Sudanese follow Christianity or traditional religions but an estimated 6% of the population are Muslims, recent researches show.

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