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No hijab in school, no vote, Muslim group tells Lagos governorship candidates
Muslim Students’ Society of Nigeria (MSSN) has told Lagos State governorship candidates that the criteria to get its votes would be the unconditional approval for female students to wear hijab in schools.

Hawzah News Agency (Lagos, Nigeria) - “We have been very careful in taking a position on the governorship election in Lagos state, but something is clear – we will not support any candidate that will pose a challenge to the use of hijab by our members in schools or deny any of our rights,” head of MSSN in Lagos Saheed Ashafa said in a statement.

Hijab wearing in schools has been a subject of public discuss in Lagos for the last 4 years. A Lagos high court in October 2014, ruled against the use of hijabs in schools. The judgement was upturned by an appeal court in July 2016.

Lagos state government then approved the use of hijab for female students in public schools.



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