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۵ German police officers suspended for sending threatening letters to Turkish lawyer in NSU case
A probe conducted into several police officers accused of sending threats to a Turkish lawyer who participated in the case of the National Socialist Underground (NSU) has resulted in five police officers being suspended.

Hawzah News Agency - According to German Daily Frankfurter Neue Presse, a group called "NSP 2.0" sent threatening letters containing racist statements to Seda Başay Yıldız.

One of the letters sent in August even targeted the lawyer's daughter.

Yıldız told Anadolu Agency (AA) that she was getting many threats but she did not take them very seriously, saying "This time my daughter's name and home address were written. That's why I filed a criminal complaint for the first time."

Stating that the investigation was launched after she filed the complaint, Yıldız added that she did not want the police to cover up the incident.

The investigation revealed that information about Yıldız was viewed from a computer at the Frankfurt police station without any official reason for questioning.

It also found that the police officers, who had access to the computer, were sending to each other messages with swastika symbols and Hitler's photos on a group they created online.

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