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Barnet Graduate organises interfaith conference between Muslim and Jewish women
Saha Habib from Golders Green and newly graduated from UCL, worked to put on the student event, which saw ۳۰ young women gathered at Bristol University - half of them Jewish and the other half Muslim.

Hawzah News Agency (Bristol, UK) - Saha ran the conference last Sunday with Sally Patterson, from Primrose Hill, who is currently the Equalities, Liberation and Access sabbatical officer at Bristol Student’s Union and a campaigner against hatred and division in the faith and wider communities.

The event was run in conjunction with Nisa-Nashim, the charity that brings Jewish and Muslim women together to counter the rising levels of hatred in the UK by forging cross-community friendship networks.

Discussions were wide-ranging, as the participants delved deeply into the topics of faith, gender and leadership over halal, kosher, vegetarian and vegan lunch options. They talked about how to tackle rising levels of hatred directed at both Jews and Muslims, and what it means to take on a visible role of leadership in this kind of climate.

Saha is particularly focussed on changing the negative portrayal of Muslims in the media and will be working on many more Nisa-Nashim events coming up.

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