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Armed robbers ransack Lansdowne home of Imam in S. Africa
The home of Lansdowne Imam Gasan Moos in South Africa was ransacked when a group of men, believed to be a crowbar gang, broke down his front door to gain access. Gasan was not home at the time of the incident, but his son Maahier, daughter-in-law and two grandchildren, aged ۱۰ and ۷, were at home.

Hawzah News Agency  (Cape Town, South Africa) - Maahier said the incident happened just after 3:30 pm on Sunday, when he was watching TV with his wife and their children.

"My wife and I just heard a loud bang and ran towards our front door. When we got there we realised it had been broken down and at that stage there was just one man in the house."



"I then told my wife to run back into the room and I followed her where I locked her and my children in. At that point there was only one man in the house with a rifle."

"Another man then entered and, when they saw me, they shouted at me to lie down, I ran to the back door and shouted for help," he said.



Maahier said he had then noticed about five men making their way through the house.

"My neighbour had heard my screams and tried to assist but we would not have been able to go up against five men, who were positively armed. These men were professionals because they had been in and out of the house within five minutes."



"While giving our statement to police they explained that this was like a crowbar gang modus operandi. I am just glad my family is safe," he said.

The family were hoping to retrieve CCTV footage from neighbours to help police with their investigation.



In a statement, Imam Gasan thanked the community for their support and solidarity.

Police spokesperson Joseph Swartbooi said they were investigating a case of house robbery.



"The suspects entered the house and when confronted, pointed a firearm at the complainant. The complainant then fled the scene looking for help."

"The suspects continued ransacking his house. Household goods were taken. It is unclear whether the suspects fled on foot or whether a vehicle was used," Swartbooi said.

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