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From Golan to Galilee: al-Nujaba a chronic phobia of Zionists
An analysis of the works produced in the recent three months by the Israeli journalists and the chain media associated with Israel shows that Zionists highly fear the threat of the imminent attack of the Resistance groups against the positions occupied by them.

Hawzah News Agency - According to the report of al-Nujaba’s Centre for Relations and Media Affairs in Iran, the Israeli newspaper “Ynet News”, on Wednesday” published a report that was then reflected by different media in the region no later than an hour.

“Danial Salimi”, the writer of the said report claims that the Lebanese Hezbollah, using its forces, is about to attack the strategic region of “Galilee”, located within the occupied lands in Palestine.

Ynet News: al-Nujaba fighters will participate in the likely attack on Galilee

What differentiates this report from other claims made previously by the Zionist media on the attack of Hezbollah on Galilee is the employment of an Iraqi Resistance Movement for the conduction of the operations in Galilee and hostage taking in the region.

According to the mentioned Zionist paper, the Lebanese Hezbollah is to occupy some areas in Galilee using some special forces of “al-Nujaba”. 

Ynet  News then introduces al-Nujaba as, “it is an Iraqi Shiite militia group with thousands of fighters in Iraq and Syria”.

The Zionist paper also points to the close relation between al-Nujaba and General “Qasim Suleimani”, the commander of Quds Force of IRI Revolutionary Corps, and then emphasizes that this Iraqi movement has close ties with Islamic Republic of Iran.

Regardless of the validity of the report, it should be considered that “Benjamin Netanyahu” and the Israeli army face different internal problems and their recent aggression of Gaza shows how they experienced a bitter defeat in their showy “Northern Shield” operation conducted for destruction of Hezbollah’s tunnels; the operation that once again resulted in the mocking of Netanyahu’s cabinet even by some media.


The reflection of the report in Arab Media

The prominent media of the region, due to the significance of the issue and the advent and development of al-Nujaba Movement in recent years, reported and dealt with the said report.

“RT Arabic” pointed to the Zionist reports on the involvement of the Iraqi forces of al-Nujaba in the operation carried out by the special forces of the Lebanese Hezbollah (Ridhvan) and wrote, “the Israeli media claimed that Iran supports this operation financially and it provides the operators with weapons”.

Al-Quds Al-Arabi newspaper, published in London wrote, “The Zionist paper claim that Hezbollah has long planned to attack against Israel employing al-Nujaba’s fighters and using its own tunnels”.

This trans-regional newspaper then adds, “al-Nujaba Movement is the first militia groups that dispatched some forces to Syria”.

The Saudi newspaper “Asharq Al-Awsat”, published in London, following the rulers of Riyadh in friendship with Israel and hostility against the Resistance, highlighted the said report, and, citing some informed sources in Tel Aviv, wrote, “In recent years, the special forces of al-Nujaba and Ridhvan have undergone the most intense training to be prepared for the operation in Galilee”.

The Saudi paper then adds, al-Nujaba forces participated in the operations againstt ISIS in Mosul, in the fight against ISIS and Al-Nusra Front in Aleppo and they also backed the movement of Iranian Arm convoys to Syria and Lebanon”. 

The other media reflected the report of Ynet News was the Kuwaiti “Al Rai” newspaper.

Mentioning that Hezbollah strategically targets at attaining domination over the ۹۰ Highway and separation of Matulla in Galilee, Al Rai wrote, “According to the Israeli media, to conduct its operation in this region, the Lebanase Hezbollah is going to employ al-Nujaba Special Forces and some other forces from other countries”.

The report of the Israeli paper was also published by some other trans-regional media in Iraq, Lebanon and Palestine.


Golan Liberation Brigade and the response of the Zionists

Some months before, the Zionist website “DEBKA File”, associated with the Intelligence Service of the Israeli Army, published a report and warned on the increasing power of al-Nujaba.

In the report, DEBKA file pointed to the probability of an upcoming battle between Iran and Israel and then added, “Iran and Russia, relying on Iraqi Shiites, are meanwhile building and training an elite “rapid deployment force”.

In another part, the report reads, “A highly efficient Iraqi Resistance group is Hezbollah al-Nujaba of al-Kaabil (Movement of the Part of God), which is the Iraqi version of the Lebanese Hizballah and is headed by Sheikh “Akram al-Kaabi””.

Pointing that “the elite Shiite fighters are currently undergoing a special training course”, DEBKA described the formation of the “Golan Liberation Brigade” by Hezbollah al-Nujaba Islamic Resistance a serious threat for the Zionist regime.

However, it is not the first time the Israeli military, political and media circles have reacted and warned about al-Nujaba Islamic Resistance and its activities.

The Zionists were also taken aback by the news on the formation of the Golan Liberation Brigade by “Sheikh Akram al-Kaabi”, a point that is clear in DEBKA file report; as it mentions that “the liberation of the southern parts of Syria by the Syrian army and its allies provided the group with the opportunity for liberation of Golan”, and accordingly, the Zionist political and military observers have warned on this issue many times.

As the Resistance Axis is highly possible to activate its Golan Front, al-Nujaba Islamic Resistance will definitely be one of the main regional players in this plan.

Talking to al-Mayadin satellite television channel, the secretary general of al-Nujaba stressed that al-Nujaba seeks to play part in the liberation of Golan, and then he stated, his group will participate in any battle of the Lebanese Hezbollah against the Zionist Regime. “In case of Israel’s possible attack on Hezbollah, we will a part of the defensive system against the Zionist Regime”.


Opposition to al-Nujaba is for the Security of Israel

The achievements attained by al-Nujaba in Syria and Iraq, as well as this group’s targeting the encounter with the Zionist Regime have turned this group to a new problems of the Zionist Regime.

The Israeli political and military officials have recently referred to a report published by Reuters on the access of the Iraqi groups, like al-Nujaba, to the ballistic missiles and threatened that they will attack the targets of such groups. However the origin and validity of such a claim seems to be questionable. 

On the other hand, the recent actions taken by the warmongering representatives of the US Congress can be interpreted nothing but some measures taken for the security of the Zionist Regime.

The unique achievements attained by the Resistance Axis in Iraq and Syria have made the US politicians prevent the groups acted effectively in the fight against Takfiri terrorism from acting against the Zionist Regime in the post-ISIS era; accordingly in the past months, a hostile bill was introduced to the US congress against al-Nujaba, and also some other steps were taken in this regard.


The Zionist journalism and fear of the possible war

Although, due to the current complexities, prediction of the future developments of the region is not simple for any political observer and analyst, the present conditions is like the calm before the storm and it may lead to “the mother of wars”

The Israeli-American coalition, due to the normalisation of relation/coalition with the reactionary current, especially after the failure of the Takifiri project, attempts to reduce the costs of the said battle, however the field facts/evidence point to the thorough siege of the Zionist Regime and the increase of the military power of the Resistance.

 The Zionists’ chronic and disease-like phobia of the Resistance Axis can't be called an exaggerated fear. A fear that develops every day and only a part of it can be seen clearly in the Israeli media.

The hysterical reports and releases published by the media associated with the Zionist Regime provides a psychological analysis of the confusion of the Zionist society and their fear of the possible war; they are gradually believing their own false claims and lies.

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