Wednesday, December 12, 2018
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Plans for new Mosque in UK submitted after former facility burnt to ground by arsonists
Radley Heath's Muslim community plans to rebuild a community centre on the site where it was burnt to the ground by arsonists.

Hawzah News Agency (Cradley Heath​, UK) - Worshippers have submitted proposals for the building, which they hope to construct on the existing Cradley Heath Central Mosque site, in Plant Street.

The former facility was destroyed by arsonists on Boxing Day 2009 but now worshippers are in a position to replace it with a new modern building which will be used for after school Islamic classes for youngsters, gatherings for families going through bereavement and other social events in the Muslim community.

Proposals to Sandwell Council planners state the two-storey facility will be linked to the mosque on the site by a walkway on the first floor.

A statement to planners states: "Following an arson attack in 2009, during which an existing community building was destroyed, the mosque's management team and members have decided they would like to re-provide the facility.

"They wish to construct a new two-storey building to provide spaces that can be used by the Muslim community and mosque members for multiple purposes; primary use will be for after-school Islamic classes for young boys and girls."

There will be 55 parking spaces and the car park will be resurfaced, if plans are given the go-ahead.

Architect Paul Rees, of Harper Sperring, said the new building, which will offer views across Bearmore Playing Fields, is designed to contrast with the traditional appearance of the mosque.



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