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I am Muslim poster on display in Leeds as part of powerful campaign
This poster will be unveiled in Leeds city centre this evening, to highlight 'positives of Muslims contributing to society'.

Hawzah News Agency (Leeds, UK) - That's the message from Leeds Muslim Youth Forum (LMYF), which says its poster will be on display at Leeds Civic Hall from 5.30pm on Monday, December 3, during an open exhibition.

Prominent members of the Muslim community, including imam Qari Asim and Greater Manchester Police assistant chief constable Mabs Hussain, are due to give speeches at the event, which is being held as part of a wider campaign called 'I Am Muslim'.

The poster, which features photographs of 16 successful Muslim role models under the slogan 'I Am Muslim, has already been shared on social media and could be displayed at other locations around Leeds in 2019.

An LMYF ambassador said: "As part of Islamophobia Awareness Month (November), we wanted to focus on positives of Muslims contributing to society but more so to establish positive role models for Muslim youth.

"It’s about being more than what meets the eye.

"I think it is more noticeable for people who are wearing certain religious clothing. They can become a target for religious hatred.

"Leeds as well as the whole country has an islamophobia problem which will continue to rise due to political figures and media personalities openly discriminating at against Muslims and influencing others.

"But in regard to the campaign, we know the psychological effects discrimination has on young people whether it is direct to their face discrimination or underlying within systems, they will be at a disadvantage in life.

"We wanted to create positive role models to show them there are endless possibilities for them as youth to be successful.

"As shown in the stories of each person in the campaign, they all had struggles but persevered to reach the top."

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