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Faiths unite to condemn vandalism at Liverpool mosque
People of all faiths have been gathering to show their support after vandals targeted a mosque in Liverpool.

Hawzah News Agency (Liverpool, UK) - A car window was smashed and the words 'No to ISIS' and 'RIP our dead' were daubed onto the outside of the Bait-ul-Lateef Mosque on Breck Road.

The mosque is run by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.

Worshippers had gathered inside to offer prayers ahead of the Remembrance services.

Mr Irfan Ahmad, the Local President of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community told the Liverpool Echo at the time, “We stand opposed to all forms of hatred and extremism. We are committed to c “Any form of extremism is utterly deplored and rejected by us and we hope the perpetrators, who tried to sow a seed of division amongst Liverpudlians, are brought to justice.

“We remain undaunted in our commitment to serve the local community, and we thank the many people who have rallied round to support us during this ommunity cohesion, to serving our city and our country, and to law and order.



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