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US midterm elections: Mosques encourage American Muslims to vote
Mosques in the Midwest US state of Minnesota are urging worshipers and people of color to vote in Tuesday’s midterm elections.

Hawzah News Agency (Minnesota, US) - The move is part of the last pitch to voters as local candidates try to swing voter support to help reshape the country.

Muslim efforts to encourage voters started a few weeks ago.

Abdirizak Bahale, board chairman of Al-Farooq Islamic Center, stood outside the mosque, after Jumhat Prayer, encouraging those walking inside for midday prayers to go vote.

Stickers and signs that read #MyMuslimVote were arranged on a table.

The mosque coordinated with Muslim taxi drivers to offer rides to an early voting site. The rides were in addition to Al-Farooq’s earlier voter registration efforts. Bahale said he had helped register about 120 people.

“We need to tell everybody they have a right to vote,” Bahale told. “They are citizens and they need to choose.”

From synagogues to mosques and churches, religious leaders participated in Voter Sabbaths, three days of preaching about the importance of voting. Others called on their congregation to contact family and friends to encourage them to vote.

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