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The Visit of Dr. Jalili with the Secretary General of al-Nujaba in the Headquarters of the Movement
The Representative of the Leader to the Supreme National Security Council, during his trip to Iraq, visited and talked to Sheikh Akram al-Kaabi.

Hawzah News Agency - According to the report of al-Nujaba Islamic Resistance Centre for Public Relations and Media Affairs in Iran, the representative of the Grand Leader of Islamic Republic to Supreme National Security Council, “Dr Saeed Jalili”, attended the headquarters of al-Nujaba in Baghdad, visited and talked to the Secretary General of the Movement. 

During the visit, the parties exchanged views on some topics including “the necessity for the development of Tehran-Baghdad relations” and “US-made plots in order to ruin the stability and peace of Iraq and Syria”. 

Pointing to the end of the grand Pilgrimage of Arba'een, Jalili appreciated the hospitality of the Iraqi people and then said, “the said pilgrimage is a thorn in the side of Islam’s enemies”.

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