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۱,۵۰۰-person capacity mosque built in 'uninhabited' northern Turkish village
A Turkish association built a ۱,۵۰۰-person capacity mosque on a ۲,۱۰۰-metre plateau in the northern province of Trabzon, Bölge Gündem news site reported .

Hawzah News Agency (Trabzon, Turkey) - The mosque, which cost 12 million lira ($2.1 million), is named after Ottoman Sultan Murad IV, who stopped for 5 days in the district and had a Friday praying with his army on his way back to capital Istanbul from an expedition to Baghdad and Yerevan in 1635.

The plateau, where the mosque is built, is almost uninhibited during winter. 

“The domestic and foreign tourists who visit the plateau are quite interested in the mosque,” Mustafa Liman, a member of the Sultan Murad Plateau Mosque Building and Protecting Association, said. 

“The mosque also has a 500-person capacity conference room. 1,500 persons can pray here at the same time. It has everything, rooms for breastfeeding, baths, and a tea room,” Liman said and invited everyone to visit the mosque. 

A stone, Sultan Murad used to mark the direction of Mecca, which according to Liman has been protected since 1635, is also displayed outside the mosque.

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