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Muslim advocacy group seeks investigation into Mosque threat
Police said someone called in a bomb threat to Muhammad Mosque ۳۶ in Charlotte last Sunday.

Hawzah News Agency (North Carolina, US) – A Muslim advocacy organization is asking for an investigation into what it says was a bomb threat against a mosque in North Carolina.

The Muhammad Mosque 36 is located in Charlotte.

Police say the bomb threat was called in last Sunday.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations said in a news release it would like the alleged incident investigated as a hate crime.

Communications director Ibrahim Hooper said at a time of attacks and threats targeting houses of worship, members of minority groups and national political figures, it's imperative that the bomb threat be investigated as a hate crime and the perpetrator brought to justice.

The Washington-based civil rights organization is urging mosques and other houses of worship and faith-based and advocacy organizations to take extra security precautions.



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