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Where are your bombs?':
Middle-aged Spanish woman calls young Muslim a terrorist and tells her off for wearing a 'burka'
The heated argument was filmed by a passenger on a bus in Gran Canaria, Spain An older woman began shouting insults at young Muslim wearing a purple hijab She then declared the woman a 'terrorist' before asking 'where are your bombs' By FAITH RIDLER FOR MAILONLINE

Hawzah News Agency - This is the shocking moment a middle-aged woman called a young Muslim a 'terrorist' because she was wearing a hijab on a bus.

The footage, filmed in Gran Canaria, captured the Spanish woman as she turned in her seat and began shouting at the traveller.

But the heated exchange quickly escalated - the older woman calling the young passenger a 'terrorist' and asking her where her 'bombs' were.

The young Muslim woman, who was wearing a purple hijab, fired back at the older woman's rant, shouting 'unbelievable.'

She then appeared to say 'Look at you, shut up b****, shut up!' when the passenger declared 'That is a burka!' from her seat.   

The woman said 'Do not make me angry. Ridiculous, ridiculous' after the middle-aged woman continued her verbal attack.

All then calmed for a few moments, before the older woman called the passenger a 'Moorish woman' - referring to the Muslim community in North Africa and Spain.

She replied: 'And proud of it, a pretty Moorish woman and proud!'

The middle-aged woman at one point told the younger passenger 'This is not your country.'

But the Muslim woman said: 'I am from the Canary Islands. I am Canarian, like you.

'This is my religion and you should respect it as I respect yours.'

The argument then became even more heated, both parties screaming at each other in a foul-mouthed feud.'

The footage was uploaded to social media where it has been widely circulated. 

Viewer Ramon Ortega said: 'It is more ignorance than racism what is happening in this country. 

'Islam is a part of Spanish history, whether we like it or not, it [has been] around for 800 years.'


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