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Representative of the Supreme Leader in Lorestan:
​Officials not to put fence between themselves and people
The head of the council of the Islamic Seminary of Lorestan province, called for transparent performance of managers as a way of strengthening the system and revolution, and asked officials to do not put fence between themselves and people.

Hawzah News Agency (Khorramabad, Iran) – Hujjat al-Islam Seyyed Ahmad Mir Emadi today, in the administrative council of the province meeting, with the presence of Isa Kalantari, the vice president and chairman of the Environmental Protection Agency, expressing that the Islamic Revolution has caused Islamic awakening in the world, said: "With the victory of the Islamic Revolution, the wave of Islamic awakening began in the world, because the revolution has caused the people to wake up from ignorance.”

"People are the masters of the revolution, and the honest service of directors and officials to the people must always be accompanied by a Jihadi (Hard effort) movement," he said, highlighting that people had a significant contribution to the victory of the revolution.


Hujjat al-Islam Mir Emadi pointing out that the honest service and transparency in the performance of the authorities are always emphasized by the Supreme Leader in the direction of serving the authorities to the people, he noted: " authorities should work with people in order to meet their demands and problems because being a people person and serving sincerely   are the secrets of progress and development in various economic, political, social and cultural dimensions."


At the end, he asked the authorities in power not to put fence and walls between themselves and the people, because this move will lead to the loss of public trust.



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