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Foundation builds ۳۰ new mosques in Uganda cities
Good Hope Foundation, a faith-based NGO, constructed ۳۰ mosques for Muslims in Kibuku and Pallisa districts in Uganda.

Hawzah News Agency (Pallisa, Uganda) – After decades of praying in makeshift structures, Muslims in Kibuku and Pallisa districts have a reason to smile after Good Hope Foundation, a faith-based NGO, constructed 30 mosques for them.

The NGO country director, Sheikh Hussein Mwase, said they constructed the mosques after realizing that Muslims were in need.

“The Muslim community had a challenge of mosques and they requested us for support and indeed their dream has been answered,” said Sheikh Mwase.

“This is a big milestone to the Muslim communities in Kibuku and Pallisa districts and this will partly attract Muslims back to their faith,” he added.

Each mosque was constructed at about Shs30m. Sheikh Mwase also said NGOs are not meant to cause insecurity in the country as alleged by some government officials.

“We have no intentions of causing insecurity in this country, and have never been agents of wrong elements as we have been branded. We are just partners in development. We do all our activities in line with the guidelines set by the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council,” he added.

Last month, the minister for the Presidency, Ms Esther Mbayo, said government was investigating some NGOs for fueling insecurity.

Good Hope Foundation has so far constructed 700 mosques, 50 clinics and 200 boreholes across the country. The Deputy Mufti, Sheikh Ali Mohammed Waiswa, applauded the NGO for supporting Muslim communities and urged government and other stakeholders to support its work.


Government urged

“We should not brand these people [development partners] agents of insecurity yet what they are doing is fundamental to the Muslim and non-Muslim communities. If you are in doubt, liaise with UMSC other than maligning and sabotaging their activities,” Sheikh Waiswa said.

“These people report through the UMSC because their messages are well known to us. They do not have any hidden agenda,” he added.

He commended the Muslim leadership in the area for sticking to the UMSC constitution and rejecting diversionary talk propagated by those he referred to as failures.

“In a democracy, a good Muslim respects Muslim institutions and leaders,” he noted.

One of the mosques was constructed at Bulangira Hill View Secondary School and the director, Mr Fred Kagino, said the place of worship will strengthen their faith.


NGO praised

“This will strengthen the core values of freedom of worship through the initiative of Good Hope foundation. Muslim students had a challenge of shifting desks from time to time in order to have their prayers,” Mr Kagino said.

Kabweri County MP Francis Gonahasa pledged to work with the Muslim community through supporting their activities that are tailored to bring the believers together.



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