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Number of people embracing Islam on rise in Norway
The number of converted Muslims in Norway increased to at least ۳,۰۰۰ in recent years, a researcher at Oslo University's Department of Culture Studies and Oriental Languages said.

Hawzah News Agency (Oslo, Norway)- Norway's leading 'Verdens Gang' newspaper reported on Sunday that the number of Norwegians choosing to become Muslim since 1990s has increased.

The report said the number of converted Muslims in the country during 1990s were around 500 while this number has reached around 3,000 in the recent years.



Noting that previously Norwegian women used to convert to Islam as a result of marrying Muslim men, Vogt said: "This trend has now changed drastically. Now, women are choosing Islam after reading and researching about Islam."

Monica Salmouk, a converted Muslim, told the newspaper that she chose Islam 4 years ago after researching and reading number of books about the religion, Anadolu Agency reported.



Salmouk said she visited the Islamic Cultural Center (ICC) mosque in Greenland, Oslo and chose to adopt Islam as her religion.

Solva Nabila Sexelin, a 42-year old Norwegian, also said she decided to convert to Islam after being inspired by the Muslim asylum seekers which she has been helping out.



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